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116 Comments on “Rant”

  1. Chuck Baker Says:

    It appears that the Barnhills retaurant on 18th either has or is well on it’s way to closing. I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that the parking lot has been completely empty at lunch and/or dinner, but not on others.

    I don’t eat at the buffet resaurants often, but it’s still sad to see what seemed to be a sucessful business in the neighborhood disappear.


  2. John Dorroh Says:

    Barnhill’s going out of business? Well, I wonder what caused that — could it be food hoarding and people who make hogs of themselves at a buffet, filling up their platters three or four times, just to make sure that they get their $5 worth? It’s the “feedbag” mentality, which runs rampant in Columbus. Steve Barnhill should have increased admission to the daily “food fest” a long time ago. Of course, there could be other factors at play besides these. And it could be a rumor that he is closing.

    I went into Barnhill’s about a year ago and saw “rules” posted on the wall. The “rules” included guideline for public behavaior/misbehavior. I asked myself was I in a restaurant or a roller derby arena. Geez……I just don’t know….


  3. slack water Says:

    I put a pencil to the $5 cover charge, and i couldn’t make it work. If i can find my notes, I will post. Summary: a person cannot make money on a all-you-can-eat buffet by charging only $5. Food costs, labor costs, utilities, rent, shrinkage (the guy standing on the toilet waiting for supper to roll around), etc, etc. The big unknown is consumption. Bubba’s daughter can eat three plates whereas Dorothy’s son only eats two plates. No telling how many brownies, chicken breasts, and rolls go out the door in coat pockets.


  4. Matilduh Mellows Says:

    After the above comments my husband and I decided we would eat at Barnhill’s today. first I called to check opening times and found that the phone has been disconnected. We arrived at Barnhills about 5 minutes past 11AM. there were 3 cars in the parking lot with 2 gentlemen standing at the door waiting to get in. The lights were on but there was nobody there. There is a small sign on the door stating “CLOSED.”

    I will admit that it has been severlal months since we last ate at Barnhills. We had noticed over a few months that the quality of the food was going down but more importantly it was the way the employees treated and talked to the customers that ultimately drove us away.

    On our last visit I witnessed a lady that identified herself as the manger speak, very loud, to an older lady with such disdain and rudeness that she drove the lady to tears. Not once did she give the lady a chance to say anything. I witnessed the whole incident and know that what the employee/manager was accusing the lady of was untrue. I’m sure it was all a misunderstnading but the way it was handled was totally inappropriate and unprofessional. I went back to the table and told my husband what had just happened and we left and have not returned. I noticed several other people getting up, leaving their plates of food, and leaving as well.

    When you add dirty floors, tables and restrooms to being rude to your customers on top of not charging anough to pay the bills I think it is amazing that they were able to stay in business as long as they did.


  5. Jeff Conwill Says:

    i think the city selectmen and mayor would be smart to swallow there foolish pride and beg for MR.st.john to please come back as the chief of police the man has done great things for this city more then anybody else has ever done with that department he was a hands on chief that you could talk to and voice your thoughts with and he would truly listen to what you had to say columbus was a safer and better place under his watch and he was also a chief that did what was right by the people of this city not what the mayor and selectmen wanted or benefited from if columbus had a police department with men who shared joes mission it would be one of the best in the country but to do that the selectmen and mayor needed to stay out of the day to day operations of the police department
    and do there jobs of making columbus a place were companies want to move to and hire the men and women that are unemployed here and leave the police department to do what there trained to do and stop using it and its employees to keep there nose in things that dont concern them the mayor in columbus is a joke i would love to see a IQ test on him come on mayor i challenge you to do this as i have spoke with you before and you just are not that smart if you cant dazzle someone with brilliance you will baffle them with B.S witch you are full of most of the time list all your degrees so we can see your education and charlie charlie charlie you type a tuff game but when confronted by the mayor we have seen what you do if they checked the mayors shoes we would find your lip prints along with the vast of this board of selectmen ITS TIME FOR THE END OF THE RULE OF THE GOOD OLE BOYS AND THE OLD MONEY TO END IN COLUMBUS and do whats right for the safety of the people of columbus and whats best for the economic growth of this city !!!!!!!!


  6. Aaron D Thomas Says:

    Jeff Conwill…. That was well put, BUT, you need to use punctuation. Not to be the English Police, but some kind of punctuation definately helps make it readable. If you want to be taken seriously, post like you have some kind of education.

    Aaron Thomas


  7. Chuck Baker Says:

    Those who would have influence in any community find a way to communicate their ideas of what’s best to the individuals who can direct public policy, often with some level of self-serving motive involved. Financial means, obviously, helps open some doors in that respect, as does “good ol’ boy” status derived from either family history or prior service to the community. The remainder of the communtiy that does not have those particular advantages must exercise the right to be heard, sometimes in a very creative fashion.

    This publication, the Real Story, offers many of us the opportunity to express thoughts and ideas in a forum where others may agree, or disagree with us, but do not doubt for a minute that the community leaders are reading this too. We should all thank Joe for having the temerity to lauch this project and provide such a forum to the community. I had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with Joe last evening listening to some of his thoughts as the results came in. One of the things he mentioned at that time, and noted in his editorial earlier today, is that if a couple of the supervisor races were closer than expected, he hoped that the incumbents would take that as a message that they needed to pay better attention to their entire constituency as well as the community as a whole, thus inspiring them to be better public officials during their next term.

    I read the comments of Mr. Sanders, in one of the other publications, that the race had gone on from January until now, and it was a hard fought battle to maintain a “politically correct” (his words) public persona for that length of time. I would suggest to both Mr. Sanders and Mr. Brooks that the strong challenges that were delivered last night should indicate that we all expect professional behavior in public from them, as well as the city council (fight at city hall), and other elected officials. If each one of you would communicate that and other ideas you may have to these newly re-elected individuals, they will have a much better idea of what is expected of them if they want to keep their position again in four years. After that, it’s their choice to work toward that goal, or to ignore us.

    I have made the suggestion before, but will reiterate it now … save their office numbers in your phone, and call frequently when you have an idea to help the community, or are dissatisfied with how they are handling an issue. Your phone will also remember e-mail addresses as well as office addresses … save that information and feel free to use it. After all, these people work for us, the citizens of Columbus and Lowndes County. Try to be professional with your comments, and hold them all to that same standard. If you ask for an answer, expect one and do not accept the “run-around”. Politics is all about “getting elected”, but politically correct is not part of governing. These people have been “hired” as custodians of the communty, not to be kings (or queens as the case may be). We all need them to be accurate and efficient at their jobs, but also humble as the term custodian infers. How many of us know an office, church, or a school custodian who truly and quietly runs the show behind the scenes but is never out front taking credit for things that go right?

    If our elected officials will work to become true public sevants, they will have much deserved success as measured by the prosperity of the community. If they prefer to parade and “showboat” for attention rather than improving the community each and every day, then they do not belong in their position, which is something that we, the members of the community control each election cycle.

    (my apologies… a quick comment became long-winded in a hurry, but thanks for reading it)


  8. slack water Says:

    Matilduh, your post begs the question: why would you want to go to Barnhill’s after reading those posts?


  9. Matt Manley Says:

    NEWS FLASH! We all know that McQueen will be the next chief. Robert is only looking for “Yes Men”. That is why so many people have been ran off. Over the last ten years, there has been a lot of GREAT people that I call friends that have left because the city is a miserable place to work for. There is even a motto that goes around…. “Just keep your head down and hope not to get noticed”. Robert Smith attempts to run the city with an iron fist and will bully everyone from City Council Members, Department Heads, other Employees, to even citizens concerned about Columbus. Columbus is not part of a Democracy……. it is a Dictatorship.


  10. CRB Says:

    It appears that we are nearing the end of a 20 step process to determine who will be the next president of MUW. Sounds pretty complicated as compared to flipping a coin to get down to the last man standing in line to be our police chief.


  11. charles divel Says:

    The CVB being transparent, when does the plane leave for Reno, Nevada?


  12. mickey wilson Says:

    word is Robert Smith will not run again. Will take the job as Manager of Columbus Housing Auth. More money and less time. Big “K” will run for Mayor – Little “K” will be in Armstrong’s place. McQueen will already be Chief. Leroy will advise Big “K” as to what to do – and life is good. Now that is just “street talk”. The CVB has already ran off the track – and heading down hill. We all know who will be heading the City Schools. Now “IF this all was to happen – who wants to sell out now and take an early loss….. or wait and take a big loss. I’M JUST SAYING “IF THIS HAPPENS. When McQueen makes (and he will) Chief that will be step #1. Then it “might all play out. Selling out a year or so ago looks better all the time. It looks like it is too late to stop the big train reck. Is it?


  13. East Columbus John Says:

    If this is true, I am taking my house and property of the market. cause i will not take a loss that great !!!


  14. Tommy Gentry Says:

    Another “Keystone Cops” moment occurred last week with Tony Cooper and the LCSO snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    It all started last August–well, it really started in the Prairie with the serial burglaries that began last January with the theft of scrap iron, weapons , computer etc, from the Joe Askew place in Artesia. The burglar ring then trargeted Crawford with a cluster of burglaries of copper and scrap metal in the town of Crawford…..the Dan T****r shop, the former army surplus store owned by me, the old Harvey house, my father’s farmplace, the old Rufus Richards place, owned by B* H******e, and the last theft that of the Bell Awning boom truck( parked in the middle of Crawford) towed into B&S salvage yard on Gardner Boulevard. Surely, eyebrows should’ve been raised when Timothy Harris, who turns out to be a recently released convict,, brought that vehicle in and it sat on the yard undetcted by the CPD and LCSO when there was a BOLO alert for the vehicle. And the owner’s wife works in the LCSO with Tony Cooper!!!

    On Tony Cooper. Last August, when my father caught scrap burglars on his property with scrap loaded on the trailer and took tag numbers–and even had a black witness with him-a call was made to LCSO. No deputy showed up for something like nine days. Finally, my brother called and talked to Tony Cooper. Cooper responded and my brother showed him the incriminating evidence and named a suspect(Crawford sobriquet–Monkeyman) who was a live- in with P***y in section 8 housing at the crime site. Cooper knows Monkeyman’s felony criminal history and even was responsible for his being charged several years ago in the break-in of our neighbor’s home,( N**l T****)r . We never heard again from Cooper on the farm burglary. When we called for a follow-up, we were told that there was no case number for the burglary.

    Back to the Bell Awning boom truck. Last Wednesday, my brother was driving down Gardner Boulevard when he saw the “crushed” boom truck loaded on a truck leaving B&S salvage. My brother followed the truck to 82 East towards Tuscaloosa when the truck turned off to fuel. At that point, my brother called 911 and CPD and Tony Cooper shows up. The owner identifies the stolen truck and records show that Timothy Harriis brought the truck into B&S. It turns out that Timothy Harriis lives on Howard Smart’s farrm. The Smart family has a long criminal history in the area. I was told that a search warrant was being sought, but as of Friday noon, no judge had signed off on such an order. Precious time to move contraband to those parked 18-wheeler trailers that one sees around Crawford.

    All attempts to speak with Tony Cooper have failed.

    Is this any hint of the kind of law enforcement that we can expect with a Butch Howard-endorsed Mike Arledge?


  15. Tommy Gentry Says:

    Walking through Lowndes county, I feel Diogenes’ pain.


  16. Tommy Gentry Says:

    If Tony Cooper really wanted to solve these burgalries, all he has to do is use the legal tool of charging members of Smart’s entourage with misprision of a felony.

    And ,IMHO, the burglaries of the Menonites in Noxubee County–in particular the 12 Sthil chain saws that were stolen from the Noxubee Farm Supply– would be solved.



  17. Tommy Gentry Says:

    Reference the new Sheriff in Oktibbeha in the CD.

    Any word out there that Colonel Reb may be seeking political asylum?

    I gotta’ have one of those.


  18. charles divel Says:

    Election is over board of supes still asleep. Been paying the bills of another agency for six years. Where is the state auditor? Auditor said Leroy owes the taxpyers some money awhile back. Did he pay? Do your job elected officials. Taxpayers are your boss.


  19. charles divel Says:

    The election is over and the supes are still asleep. Seems they have been paying the bills of another agency for six years. Where is the state auditor? Auditor said Leroy and some others owed state taxpayers money awhile back. Doubt if it has been paid. Supes taxpayers are the boss….


  20. Raymond Gross Says:

    Let me tell you about the man I endorse for President.
    He started teaching at West Georgia College in his last year at Tulane University, while he was pursuing his doctorate. He was the history professor there until 1978. He was elected to Congress and selected as Minority Whip for the Republicans in 1989. In 1994 he gave America the “Contract for America” and was chosen to be the first Republican Speaker of the House in 44 years. He was very instrumental in Welfare Reform and a 4-year period of balanced Federal budgets. He is Newt Gingrich, the only true conservative Republican candidate for President of the USA. No matter how much the media , including fox news, and the entrenched establishment try to ignore his campaign he is in this race and intends to be in it all the way to the convention at Tampa in September 2012. You see, the entrenched establishment in no way wants him to be elected to the highest office in the land because they realize that life, as they know it in Washington will be over. He has stood undaunted and boldly stated his intentions to change “big time” how things are being done in D.C. Newt will clean up the messes of Pelosi /Ried and Obama have made and stop all the big borrowing and bail outs of their super rich supporters. Now that kind of change scares the elite establishment to no end in both parties. And this includes the national media as well. You see the media has an entrenched way of doing business as much as the politicians in D.C. have. And a major theme of Newt’s campaign has been to radically change how things are done in Washington. And because the entrenched elites in the media and government have become so used to the status quo, they are completely unhinged at the thought of a Gingrich presidency. They can’t accept that as an option and will either attempt to undermine the campaign or completely ignore it so as to minimize the legitimacy of the Gingrich campaign. That is why the media has pronounced his campaign dead 3 times already. I honestly think they would actually rather give Obama another 4 years(which would sink us and them) because they know Newt’s the only one in the pack who can and will beat Obama in Nov. The other two can’t beat Obama, Newt can. The funny thing is, there are millions of conservatives throughout the Nation who believe the elites and establishment should not be allowed to forcibly by use of biased media coverage or massive media blitzes, prematurely choose a nominee of their choice. So just because you may no longer hear the positive stuff about Newt’s campaign and see very little to no coverage from the unfair and unhinged media, remember that the Gingrich campaign still exists and will need your help all the way to the convention in Tampa, Florida. When you compare the real records of the two moderate to liberal candidates from up North , Romney from Mass. who is endorsed by George Soros or Santorum from Penn. , who was beaten badly by a democrat in his last election in Penn. to Newt’s record and his vision for the USA you will see that Newt is our last and only hope to elect a conservative as President. Newt has endorsements of truly great conservatives, to include Don Wildmon of American fam radio, Rick Perry gov of Texas, Herman Cain, Fred Thompson and Chuck Norris just to name a few. Oh, and remember the great big fuss made by the media when Trump endorsed romney? Hardly anyone gave coverage to Col. North when he endorsed Mr. Newt last week. Who would you rather have watching your back, Col . North, a beloved Viet Nam hero, or Trump who just loves to fire people? To see more of the “dream team” conservatives who endorse Newt and his vision for the USA including his new Contract with America, go to newt.org and please join us and like his fb wall.. also like the mississippi with newt wall on fb.
    The primary election in MS is next month on March 13th. I plead with you for the sake of our Country and to keep our Republic intact, please go vote for Newt Gingrich on that day or vote for him early on your absentee ballot. Thank you very much.

    Raymond Gross


  21. letterfrombuela Says:

    Perhaps I’ve missed the answer to my question someWHERE along the way but I’ll ask anyway. Does the CCVB have a tax exempt status?? Or do they file taxes? I’m wondering for two reasons………one being their sloppy bookkeeping…….Thanks,


  22. Waldo Says:

    As a tax payer in the city I am concerned not only as a tax payer but a parent to the recent layoff of teachers in the area. My child will most likely go to city schools but I concerned that my tax money is being used in the wrong way due to the matter that not to long after a layof of educators that the city announced a project to put up 3 signs in different areas to welcome people to Columbus . I don’t mind city beautification projects but we already have signs that say you are in Columbus and I’m just curious how much are these signs goin to cost the people that pay taxes…..


  23. Heather Ford Says:

    I am not sure how you can use the tagline ‘Always the Truth…No compromise” when you print an UNSIGNED letter from someone disparaging a local organization that they obviously know nothing about. I will not even try and refute the things that were said since the person (and obviously you) are too cowardly to print a name. It seems a shame to tarnish any intergity you had to begin with by doing something no other paper in the world would do.


    • The Real Story Says:

      Ms. Ford:

      It has been our policy, since The Real Story was founded, to allow individuals to submit letters to the editor and to post comments on our website, without using their name.

      We do this, knowing that not everyone will agree with this policy or with the opinions expressed. However, we feel that it is an important part of our mission to provide a forum for disparate points of view.

      I believe that it is important to note that, whenever we publish editorial content written by a member of our staff, the writer’s name is attached to the article.

      We value the contributions of every positive organization in the community, including JA, and would be glad to publish any press releases that they might submit, and would, in fact, welcome a rebuttal to the letter to the editor that we published in the March 28, 2012 print edition of The Real Story.

      Joseph B. St. John


  24. CRB Says:

    letterfrombuela … I do not know this for a fact, but as the CCVB is allowed to exist under state law, and is under the joint control of both the city and the county via appointment of the board members, I doubt that they file a tax return as we know it. It is likely that there is some form of tax receipts and disbursement report that is filed periodically.

    As they receive and disburse funds that are accumulated from the special local tax levied on our meals and entertainment spending within Columbus and Lowndes County, it would be reasonable to assume that some form of financial reports should be availabe under the provisions of the Open Records Request law, especially any financial records that have been formally presented and approved during a meeting of the board.

    Several of the people who have commented here on this website should be able to provide guidance as to the proper form and process by which to make such a request. I believe that if properly presented to the board, you can expect to receive a response within seven days.


  25. Heather Ford Says:

    I find it strange that you would allow something that almost no other news publication allows. I did some research and noted that many news outlets that either did allow or began to allow people to write in with out signing their names, regreted it and reversed the policy. I think that it is not only poor policy but also cowardly on both parts. I am no journalist or publisher but I would bet money you live to regret this also.


    • Albert Einstein Jr. Says:

      But the thing that bugs you the most is someone saying anything that you cannot use your networking connections to punish for daring to speak.


  26. charles divel Says:

    The dispatch did this years ago in the form of call ins. They were swamped with calls. I figure they discontinued because it offended some guilty parties. Truth hurts sometimes.


  27. Bobby Sanderson Says:

    How do you submit a Letter to the Editor?


  28. Jackie Parker Says:

    Great article “Why Do You Hate Me So? Controversy Surrounds Caledonia Pit Bill Issue” in the June 6, 2012 issue. Some very good questions were posed, but few good or even complete answers provided. The Columbus Lowndes Humane Society has an admirable mission and an extremely tough job. They do the best they can with what they’ve got. A building that is falling down around them, more animals than they can safely house, difficult fund raising, and community support that seems lacking. Where is the Board of Directors in all of this? Perhaps they can and should answer the tough questions when controversy arises.


  29. joanne Says:

    I am so glad to have a place to get this off my chest so let me begin ………..
    I am so disgusted in our system and the way things work .It infuriates me that as hard working ,honest ,trying in all ways to be a christian that there are some who are allowed to lie,cheat ,steal ,commit fraud in all areas from insurance to government benefits and housing , being allowed to threaten or bring law suits continuously .To blatantly flaunt assets that not only should disqualify them from any benefit as well as be accountable for responsibilities they claim to not be able to pay .
    I would love for someone to answer the question as to why the persons in a position to investigate ,monitor and resolve these issues continuously avoid ,look the other way or just dont want the legal ramifications of one of many baseless lawsuits to deter them from doing the job they are responsible for doing .It amazes me that most hardworking ,honest people are scrutinized to every dotted i and crossed t but there are the few that make a living from cheating the system and others and get away with it ,why, because they have learned that if they make enough noise people will give them what they want to make them go away rather than hold them accountable for their actions .
    That is the only reason I can come up with and I for one think that is wrong ,is the system supposed to protect the honest or dishonest ,is the lesson learned I can lie,cheat and steal and if I threaten enough lawsuits I can get away with it .I certainly hope not ,as Christians I know Satan throws stumbling blocks in our paths daily to test our faith and beliefs ,that I can meet and conquer.What I can’t accept is, if your job is to investigate and protect the innocent and helpless ,uncover deception and false allegations then do it .
    I’ve always heard where there’s smoke theres fire ,when the smoke is too thick to see I would think they would want to find the the embers smouldering even when covered by layers of ashes and not just hope it dies out on it’s own .
    As a child growing up my parents taught me hard working honest values,a repect for the law ,that by living this way you are rewarded in life .As parents ourselves this is a lesson we try to teach our children ,but when they see people who lie ,cheat and steal rewarded in life and allowed to get away with it by those in authority positions due to the fact they dont want to deal with the problems associated with those commiting the crimes well that makes our job much harder .
    So if someone can give me some insight as to why this is allowed to happen I would love to hear it .


  30. charles divel Says:

    Guess Leroy trained his councilmen well. Another stupid move putting Buckhalter back on the CCVB. Brilliant choice. The first letter does stand for Columbus I think and he flips burgers in Starkville. The other candidate is a white business man though, he employs people. He makes some of his money from people visiting Columbus. But the CCVB has no set agenda anyway, just dole out taxpayers money like candy.


    • Albert Einstein Jr. Says:

      I can see how flipping burgers could transfer to the CCVB duties. I make the motion Buckhalter be required to bring the burgers to the meeting, and then as people file past getting their burger, Buckhalter could ask them “do you want fries wid dat?”


  31. charles divel Says:

    I am glad that someone besides myself has figured out that is a blatant waste of taxpayers money to fix that bridge. And some of these people bitch about Washington.


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