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A New Day’s Dawning:  Ole Miss Coach Freeze Woos the Golden Triangle Rebel Club

Rebounding from two years of total disappointment in their Rebel football program, area alumni were captivated by their easy-talking new head football coach, Huge Freeze.   Entertaining the packed house at Old Waverly Golf Club, Freeze shared his warmth and enthusiasm with the Rebel faithful.  Mixing jokes and anecdotes with a cheerleader’s fervor, Freeze carved out his vision of Ole Miss’ future.

Thursday morning’s program was part of the Ole Miss “12 Rebel Road Trip”, which will take Freeze, new Athletic Director Ross Bjork and Chancellor Dr. Dan Jones throughout Mississippi to share the excitement of Ole Miss athletics.  Starting with a video highlighting all of Ole Miss’ sports programs and the importance of stewardship by alumni, the meeting quickly took on the positive atmosphere of a pep rally for the fans of “Oxford’s Favorite team”.  Complete with a tour bus, the program was part fundraiser and part variety show, with each speaker taking their turn delighting the partisan crowd.

“We want to be the flagship program in Mississippi,” Freeze announced.  “We are going to do it by having a confident swagger.”

Outlining the steps to success and the core values of the program, Freeze showed a friendly, warm side that is often missing from today’s big-time college football coaches.  Without taking any “cheap shots” at Mississippi’s “other” SEC program, Freeze sent a message that was loud and clear to the Rebel fan base: Ole Miss Football is committed to returning to glory.

A common theme that reverberated throughout Dr. Jones’ opening speech, and continued in the often-humorous presentations made by him and new Athletic Director Bjork, returning the football program to brilliance will take effort from the school and a commitment from the fan base.  Consequently, energizing season tickets sales and donations will be “part and parcel” of each stop on the road trip.

And, through it all, a young energetic era of commitment and openness has been born.  Anyone who can tell a story and make themselves the butt of the joke is a man of confidence.  Anyone who can issue a challenge to another team, without insulting their program, is a man of wisdom.  Ole Miss alumni are hoping this combination breeds a winner.


Yes, I have rooted for the Rebels a few times in my life!    

Originally Published in May 2, 2012 Print Edition

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