Mayor’s Office

Articles written exclusively by one member of our staff are notated accordingly. Articles in which more than one person contributed are marked as The Real Story Staff Report, while ones taken from press releases provided to us are referred to as Special to the Real Story.

Mayor’s Department Head Meetings Closed to Press, Public

From the “I couldn’t make this stuff up” file:

I attended my first City of Columbus Department Head Meeting as a media representative, this past Monday.  These meetings have been open to the media, for a few years now, so I thought I would stop in and see what was going on.

There was the usual boring stuff that I had witnessed for years, during my time as a City employee, but in light of the craziness of the last City Council meeting, I thought I would stop in, to take a peek. Nothing of note happened, so nothing was reported by The Real Story.

Well, on Thursday the following letter was sent to The Real Story, as well as to the Columbus Packet, which also had a representative at the meeting.

As you can see, we have been banned from the “reindeer games’ and we are not allowed to attend the meetings anymore.  And just think – I only attended one meeting!

What can I say?  What is the Mayor trying to hide? What is he trying to keep from the public?

The Real Story is still watching and still writing.  We will never stop.  We will continue to be the community’s watch dog, even if the people that we’re watching make it clear that our presence is not appreciated.

Joseph B. St, John

Mr. Mojo Rising

Originally Published on March 30. 2012


City Approves Free Paving For Private Business

Just when you thought the City of Columbus could not get any more insane, they have reached another level.  It has been reported by several people that, recently, the City had extra asphalt after a project and, instead of using the remaining product to fill one of the million of pot holes in your neighborhood, they paved the private property of a business on Gardner Boulevard, Von’s Exotic Hair Salon.  The Real Story has confirmed what was originally learned from word on the street, indicating that it was approved by Mayor Robert Smith and that the city workers did the work.

An area in front of the business and a makeshift driveway were completed, using City resources (aka City tax dollars). So, there you go.  This is our tax dollars at work.  Maybe, we have a new free paving project.  It appears so.

Hopefully, every business in Columbus will receive this perk.

I wonder if any Councilman will have the nerve to approach the Mayor about this new “Paving Program”.

Pictures are worth a thousand words!

Maybe we can all call the Mayor’s office and get such a sweet set-up!


Originally Published in March 7, 2012 Print Edition

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