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9 Comments on “Contact”

  1. Craig Stanley Says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Mr. Jeremiah Short from your publication has been posting his articles (see link above) on SixPackSpeak, an MSU message board. Many people have raised legitimate concerns that he check with the compliance office at MSU to make sure he is not committing any recruiting violations (such as if he or any other person at your publication is an MSU booster) by having contact with MSU recruits. This concern has been raised many times by many on the message board, but still no satisfactory response has been given by Mr. Short. I personally feel there is no violation being committed, so I don’t understand the defensive nature displayed by Mr. Short when asked a legitimate question by concerned fans and boosters.

    If you want to be taken seriously as a publication, then certainly you would go through the vetting process with the compliance office and be willing to disclose this information to those that are concerned.

    I have been a lifelong fan of MSU athletics and do not want to see anything happen that could jeopardize the tremendous progress MSU athletics is currently making; therefore, I am contacting you, courteously asking for you to resolve this issue in a satisfactory manner. I know as a responsible publisher you would not want your publication to be involved in any scandal that could harm your reputation or that of such a fine institution as Mississippi State University.

    Warmest Regards,

    Craig Stanley


    • The Real Story Says:


      Thank you for your concern. We will double check that everything is correct in our reporting. You can, however, rest easy on two points. No “Boosters” are on our payroll and no one gets paid for an interview.

      Joseph B. St. John


      • Craig Stanley Says:


        Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and your reassurances.

        Wishing you the best,

        Craig Stanley

  2. T. Caldwell Says:

    What location can I buy a printed copy of the paper


  3. Christie B. Smith Says:

    I love, “Nothing is more despicable than to make a power grab in the name of the Lord.” I may have to use that in my own circumstances. :) Good line.

    Christie Benson Smith


  4. Alan Allen Says:

    If you’d like to do a real investigative story, do one on Baptist and how they will get a confused senior to sign a document so that they can admit them. Once signed, the person, at the choice of the Doctor, can be put in Willowbrook and held there until they are tired of holding them.

    The person they did this to was unaware of what she was signing, or what it meant, and was only in the ER to be treated for a Urinary Tract Infection which was causing her confusion, a condition common among senior citizens. But no, Baptist saw a chance to rake in a profit, and without so much as consulting the family waiting in the Waiting Room, they confined her to their filthy and poorly staffed “dungeon”, against her will, and that of the family, under false pretenses, and then allowed this woman to be physically assaulted by another “inmate”. That’s right, they lock men and women together, in the same area, able to “get at” each other 24/7.

    Once the assault happened, the main focus then was trying to cover it up. A Ms. Cherry Dora was assigned to investigate the incident, and she quickly tried to lie the hospitals way out of it stating the Doctors Notes claim she was “pushed”.

    The Doctors Notes, which I have copies of, clearly states she was punched. When Ms. Dora contacted me to preach her lies, she wasn’t aware of my having all documents already, so like a foolish child, she and the hospital thought they could just make up some mindless lies and all would go away.

    And the Hospital Administrator you ask? He hid behind his desk, never contacted me at all, and passed the whole deal off to his flunky that I’ve already told you about above.

    Meanwhile, in the “unit” she was constantly being bothered by male residents who made sexually suggestive comments to her (a 75 year old woman), stupid attempts at entertaining her with “coloring”, crayons, etc. while she ran short of washclothes and had to wipe/wash her butt with a sock. Excuses for not having washclothes was ” I’m not in charge of washclothes”.

    So there you have it, she showed up in their dungeon with a UTI, was called “psycho”, locked up against her will for 8 days, charged $13, 000 for this nightmare, ignored afterwards and lied to, and she is still paying that bill. Not to mention the trauma of having been handled this way.

    And the Doctor who conned her into this mess?? A middle eastern moron who put her on Arcept, known for causing diarrhea (she already suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and is not recommended for patients who have Dementia (which she does now have). He is the one who tricked her into signing herself in, behind my back, and then 8 days later apologized for having put her there, for what happened to her, and all the rest, but yet the hospital will tell you they did nothing wrong.

    And here is the kicker: she came home with a UTI, the same one she sought treatment for in the first place.

    Now, lets see if anyone wants to talk about truth now!!!


  5. Richard Cox Says:

    I have a comment about the CPD handling a police report that I filed on 07/30/12.


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