Rules for The Real Story

The rules for The Real Story website and newspaper are simple: be honest; be fair. These guidelines are not to be confused with being politically correct or lukewarm. Write with passion! Let your readers know what you feel. This is a media outlet. It will provide a place to speak out and be heard. It will be successful only if the community supports it, either by writing for it, purchasing the paper or advertising. Without these three elements, success will fade away.

If someone is looking to submit an article for publication, please contact me at and share your idea. If it is suitable for the paper, we will print it. This also includes any political cartoons/caricatures or photos you would like to share.

In addition, you can write a letter to the editor or (my suggestion) get on our blog and let rip. When we reach our goal of making The Real Story a print publication, the centerfold of each edition will be called “The North Mississippi Rant,” and the best of the comments on the articles on the blogs will be printed.

Everything from axle-bending potholes to corrupt politicians or things that make you happy will be appropriate subjects. The paper will print the best and you can let the community know how you feel then find out what others are thinking. This will be your place to express yourself as you please or to voice your displeasure about events and circumstance happening in our community.

The Real Story will be interactive on all levels and will offer a variety of opinions.  We do not censor your opinion, even if we do not agree with it.  The aim is to give all people a voice, offering news and commentary by people from all walks of life, that are not given anywhere else, such as the unheard voices in the mainstream media. People without a voice should be given one. The opening of this website is a humble beginning. With your help, we will grow into a community powerhouse! So let the fun begin!


About The North Mississippi Rant:  Simply click the category labeled “The North Mississippi Rant” and there you go!  Feel free to add your comments, criticisms and concerns on any of the articles.  In addition — very soon — when you click the About tab, you will be able to find out more about us.  We still need citizens to get involved to make this project a success.  Our current plans are on schedule to go to print by mid-January 2012.

At the bottom of this blog is the Follow button.  Click it and enter your E-mail address and that’s it… we will keep you informed about the updates from The Real Story.

Joseph St. John, a/k/a Mr. MoJo Rising

One Comment on “Rules”

  1. Chuck Bigelow Says:

    Looks good so far. Let me know if I can be of help.



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