A Quick Look At Sunday’s NFL Games For Nov. 18, 2012

November 18, 2012


Arizona vs. Atlanta

Arizona continues on their mission to prove that they are the worst franchise in the history of the NFL. After a great start of the season, they will do what they always do: Stink. Kurt Warner should be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame twice for getting this dud of an organization to a Super Bowl and almost winning it.

Atlanta should win in a rout!

Tampa Bay vs. Carolina

The best part of this game is that even if Cam Newton throws for 3,000 yards, it will somehow be seen as his fault is they lose. Tampa Bay is the better team, which is not much to brag about, because so are 30 other teams. If Tampa Bay loses they should have to blow up that mindless cannon – unless they fire it at Greg Schiano

Tampa slips by.

Cleveland vs. Dallas

If the Cowboys lose this game, everyone on the team, including the coaches, should be fired. Owner Jerry Jones should even fire himself. This is a game that the Cowboys have to win or, to be honest, they have to admit they suck. It’s just that plain and simple.

The Cowboys win, but make it look difficult.

Green Bay vs. Detroit

Green Bay wins because Detroit stopped playing football sometime around Thanksgiving of last year. Whatever happened to the Lions is a mystery, but they are dead in the water, as of now.

Packers win easily.

Houston vs. Jacksonville

This game came as a surprise, since I had forgotten that Jacksonville had a professional football team. And oh, by the way, Jacksonville how did firing Tom Coughlin work out?

Houston wins, as the police hang crime scene tape around the stadium after Jacksonville is crushed.

Cincinnati vs. Kansas City

Please fire Romeo Crennel before he commits the sin of acting like he can coach again. This was the worst hire in the past 10 years.

Cincy by 20!

New York Jets vs. St. Louis

The Jets have lost control and they have come unglued and this is Rex’s fault. It is great to be a player’s coach, but when you have no control over your team, it is a problem. The Jets are the better team, but they will lose. It is now in their DNA.

Rams win, but they shouldn’t.

Philly vs. Washington

See above, but change Rex to Andy and Jets to Eagles.

Redskins win, but they shouldn’t.

New Orleans vs. Oakland

The Saints are on a roll. At this time, they are one of the best teams in the NFL. They have gotten over hatting the league and they are now playing real football. If they run the table for the remainder of the season and make the playoffs, watch out!  Goodell may be handing over the Lombardi to his favorite team.

New Orleans by 10 or more

San Diego vs. Denver

Where have you gone, Phillip Rivers? Papa Archie was right.  There is something wrong in Diego. Firing Marty made no sense and keeping the second-worst coach in the NFL, Norv Turner, is even crazier. Peyton will not need a dramatic comeback, this time.

The Broncos by 8.

Indy vs. New England

Luck is good, but Brady is better. Luck will have his days to win these games, but not today. It is still a Brady world. (Unless he is playing my main man, ELI.)  Sorry, I could not help myself.

New England, in a squeaker.

Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh

If Big Ben was healthy, I would pick the Steelers, but he’s not, so it’s the Ravens. But, the game will be closer than you think.

The Ravens by 2.

Chicago vs. San Francisco

Da Bears by 50, because I love Mike Ditka!


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