Now That The Election’s Over, What Do We Know?

November 16, 2012


Now that the election’s over, what have we learned from scouring over the statistics?

Statistically, America’s divided right down the middle, philosophically and ideologically. Half of the population felt the economy is in dire straits, the other half didn’t care. Half of the country believes hard work is admirable, but the other’s convinced it’s a four-letter word. Half of America voted for love of country and the other half voted for love of self.

In looking at the map of America, the election results state-by-state and county-by-county, it would appear the country’s three-quarters red. Democratic strongholds – blue areas – are densely populated areas on the southern tip of Florida, the West Coast, and the upper Eastern Seaboard.

We know Washington’s indeed broken, and for some time now it’s become the epicenter for the Hatfields and the McCoys. The Marquess of Queensberry rules are no longer held in high regard in politics. Chicago political maneuvering is far from dead, but a more defining Creed could be one of “Gutter Politics.”

One party promotes a platform of smaller government, as outlined by their patriarch, Ronald Reagan. The other party promotes larger government and dependence of the citizenry on entitlement freebies.

John F. Kennedy could very well be considered the patriarch of the Democratic Party and he won the Presidency in 1960. He delivered his inaugural address on January 20, 1961. The address was 1,364 words long and took 14 minutes, making it the fourth-shortest inaugural address ever delivered. It’s widely considered to be among the best presidential inauguration speeches in American history.

In collecting ideas for his inauguration speech, Kennedy sought suggestions from various friends, aides and counselors, including suggestions from clergymen for biblical quotations.

In his address Kennedy said: “the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God” conflicts with giving away free cell phones, birth control, food stamps, free school lunches, and a whole host of other freebies to entice voters to vote Democrat, as a recent study found when analyzing minority groups.

In his inauguration speech Kennedy also said: “Let every nation know that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.” He also said: “The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life.”

The highlight of his inaugural speech was: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.” That famous passage is etched in stone at Kennedy’s gravesite in Arlington National Cemetery, within sight of the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument.

But, pitting citizens against each other using class warfare is just another means of winning an election. Destroying your opponent with malicious 30-second sound bites, character assassination, is the norm anymore. Half of the country believes fabricating a lie to destroy an opponent is deplorable during a campaign, the other half believes that’s just what politicians do.

One can only ascertain that many voters who vote Democrat nowadays would probably say: “Who’s JFK anyway?”

What’s being gained here? One can only assess a declining moral trend is in play and if the country continues on the path it’s headed we’ll see “From sea to shining sea and nothing in between.”

Unless the President has an epiphany within the next four years, his legacy will be one of “The Great Divider.”

Conservative talk radio hosts are now suggesting the Democratic Party replace their donkey icon with Santa Claus.

Half of the country feels they’re working hard and paying their fair share, but the other half believes many don’t pay enough and they’re entitled to everything they’re given – whether deserved or not.

Buying votes is a slanderous claim indeed that many a politician will deny, but the rise in entitlements is a damning indication indeed. Placing ads on Mexican television to instruct its non-American citizens how to come to America and get food stamps is just one example of just how utterly disturbing politics has become.

Greg Allen’s column, Thinkin’ Out Loud, is published bi-monthly. He’s an author, nationally syndicated columnist and the founder of Builder of the Spirit in Jamestown, Indiana, a non-profit organization aiding the poor. He can be reached at 765-676-5014 or

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3 Comments on “Now That The Election’s Over, What Do We Know?”

  1. Laird Bagnall Says:

    The writer’s first full paragraph leaps to three simplified conclusions, all very myopic and ridiculous. Painting with such a broad brush allows him to overlook reality. He might as well have said that all Democrats can’t handle their money, don’t work and are egomaniacs. Really? Since ignorance is bliss. I thought I’d read on to see how happy this fellow truly feels.

    He continues, “One party promotes a platform of smaller government, as outlined by their patriarch, Ronald Reagan. The other party promotes larger government and dependence of the citizenry on entitlement freebies.”

    Well, that’s one way to look at it I suppose, but has he thought about the prospect that Republicans want smaller government, but only smaller regarding programs with no profit angle for themselves. They don’t want to cut the bloated defense budget. That portion of tax expense allows them to exploit the resources of other countries and covers their rear end when they depart with the spoils. They don’t want to cut the agricultural subsidies which are nearly 40 % of corporate subsidies. They don’t want to cut the subsidies to energy companies. Those CEO’s need handouts I guess. It was their latest leader Mitt Romney who inadvertently told us what they truly feel; they don’t care about half of us. Now sir, does Romney’s comment about the 47% indicate a love of country or a love of self? The Democratic Party doesn’t necessarily promote larger government but logic dictates that as a country advances and grows, government becomes larger and has a greater role in the needs of the citizenry, especially when the wealthy few control 80% and leave the rest to manage as best we can with their leavings. The growing wealth of the richest among us for the past 30 years, the ones who make the rules, invent the hedge funds, and pull the strings with money and power, have indeed waged class warfare on the rest of us. Just because some of us finally recognized that fact hardy indicates we have the weapons to wage class warfare. All we have is our voice. As far as freebees are concerned, it’s hardly common knowledge that corporate welfare is $100 Billion a year, twice as large as social welfare in this country. It’s also not common knowledge that unlike social welfare where the poorer you are, the more welfare you receive, with corporate welfare, the richer you are the more you get. See: This website will inform the writer and readers of the true situation concerning who gets the taxpayer largesse in this country.

    The author ends by smearing the president with the term” The Great Divider” yet I seem to remember unanswered invitations to the White House to discuss the country’s problems and the Republican Senate Leader telling the press and his countrymen that his goal was to make Obama a one term president. I seem to remember the unprecedented use of the filibuster to block all legislation, effectively making it difficult for the government to function and dividing the country along party lines. He also suggests that the Democrats today wouldn’t know JFK, implying that they are ignorant and uneducated. I guess The Real Story Publishing has found their Rush Limbaugh of print.

    In reading the rest of his column, he indeed, seems quite happy. He’s able to turn fiction to fact while his world spins upside down in some parallel universe of broad brush imagination. Alice in Wonderland had nothing on this fellow.

    The following reality bite is from someone who knows:

    To the American Public:
    I owe my great fortune to the many people who work for me, to the public that buys the products they build and to the interest my money accrues. Like my father, I have felt that fortunes like mine are obscenities in the light of the global economic disaster caused by a culture of greed, fostered by a system of inequality where those with the most wealth acquire the most power by virtue of compounding interest alone.
    The oligarchy to which I belong, perpetuates itself through a system of legalized political bribery. One that has set up a system of apologists, or “useful idiots”, to rationalize our existence as job providers and give us an aura of benevolent philanthropy that enables us to live with ourselves, convincing even us Masters of the Universe that we are society’s benefactors and “angels”.
    Bill Gates Jr.


  2. Raider Says:

    Oh yeah. Another dispatch from the republican bubble.

    One can only ascertain that many voters who vote Democrat nowadays would probably say: “Who’s JFK anyway?”

    Why worry about JFK? How about we try to figure out who this Ronald Reagan character is that the republicans keep referring to, since we have been following this trickle down economic policy for the last 30 years. The Reagan that republicans refer to, is a fantasy, the guy never served as President of the United States. The guy they speak of only exist in the republican bubble.

    Now the Ronald Reagan I knew, cut taxes in the first year of his presidency and then raised them every year after that. The Reagan I knew built up the military on the government credit card. The Reagan that I knew, increased the national debt 2 1/2 times what the amount was when he entered office. If Obama tries to live up to the great Ronald Reagan, then he needs to get busy. He needs to run up 19 trillion dollars more of debt, before he leaves office. Oh, the Reagan I knew, said that deficits didn’t matter and republicans echoed those words every time anyone asked them about the deficit or debt. Even in GW Bush’s term, they were still referring to the Reagan era mantra, deficits don’t matter.

    For some reason, Republicans think they are the virtuous angels and the Democrats is the big old meanies. LOL. But at some point, the Republicans will eventually awake from the bubble and face reality. Here’s a dispatch from reality…we held an election and both sides got to present their case. The American people chose the Democrats. They recognized the same old lies and “we are virtuous one” BS that republicans have been peddling for the last 30 years. The American people rejected the right-wing lies and selected the people that they believe will be best to lead this country. So, republicans need to quit the whining and hating, quit hoping the country fails, quit blaming the voters and quit hating Obama. Republicans need to start trying to help the country or simply just get the F*** out the way and shut up. Their little hissy fit has lasted four years now and frankly it’s just un-american.


  3. Bubba Says:

    Reality is: whites, via their own egos, have allowed this country to become so diluted they are now losing all control of the country. That may or may not be a good thing, but sadly history will show you that the one’s who are gaining a new foothold have a very bad track record when it comes to governing, be it local or national. If you are confused, think Uganda, and nearly anywhere else in Africa, Korea, and most Asian countries. Don’t forget the Middle East.

    It is apparently true that power corrupts, and it didn’t over-look Columbus either. Once in office, certain individuals went about bending rules, making up absurd policies, and such to feather their own nest. That certain other individuals would just stand by smiling like they just ate the canary is confusing too. Guess it’s not really that hard to buy someone after all.

    This past election showed one very scary thing: never before in the history of this country has a minority been able to sustain in a national election with just minority votes alone. I’m not interested in “it’s a good thing or a bad thing”. The point I’m making is you are seeing history repeating itself: a new nation is being formed. Just like what happened to the Roman Catholic Empire with respects to the countryside which would become Germany, this country has allowed so many minorities to come in, legal and otherwise, that the founders of the country are now a minority, and have lost control of their own country. (Don’t think this doesn’t amuse this lil Indian)

    And they don’t even know it.


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