A Response To “Sparks Fly As Lowndes Supervisors Meet”

November 15, 2012

Board of Supervisors, Politics

Editor’s Note: The following is a response submitted, by a local citizen, to the article which appeared in our Nov. 14 print edition, entitled “Sparks Fly As Lowndes Supervisors Meet.We invite you to share your opinion about this.

Dear Editor:

All the attributed quotes are from the Real Story article (“Sparks Fly As Lowndes Supervisors Meet”).

I found this article to be disturbing information on the way the Board of Supervisors conduct business. Supervisor Jeff Smith is quoted as saying the board discussed the matter “behind his back,” regarding fixing driveways where school buses are parked on private property. He continued on during the discussion regarding the Plum Grove Project to build a baseball park and was quoted, “I can’t get any communication out of this board,” suggesting a “planning session” so “we don’t have to have these discussions in public.” He is additionally quoted, “This board doesn’t want to sit down and talk to each other. We are having discussions in front of the public we should not have.”  

It would behoove Supervisor Smith and the Board of Supervisors to re-read the Mississippi Open Meetings law (commonly called the “sunshine” law). The specific purpose of the law is to allow the public to see what governing boards are doing and HOW THEY REACH decisions. He must know that any planning sessions held by the board must be posted and that the public is invited because, by law, it must be an open meeting. Some of us want to see the sausage being made.

Just by his comments it really makes you wonder what kind of back room agreements are being made by this board.

As to the merits of the projects he requested the County to assist with, they may have merit, especially the sports field at Plum Grove. I question the repair of private property for the purposes of enabling a person in doing a private business – driving a school bus – but he does have an Attorney General’s opinion that it would be a proper expenditure or in-kind work by the County. 

Berry Hinds
Columbus, Miss.
Lowndes County

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2 Comments on “A Response To “Sparks Fly As Lowndes Supervisors Meet””

  1. Scorpio Says:

    Does this mean the county, and not the school district, is going to be responsible when a LCSD school bus takes out a private mail box on the side of a road?


  2. charles divel Says:

    You say re-read but I don’t think most of them bother to begin with. They have an important position. They should read, research, and check with the lawyer when in doubt. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.. We the people deserve better.


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