Changes are Afoot

November 14, 2012



(turn and face the strain)
Don’t want to be a richer man
(turn and face the strain)
Just gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time.

“Changes” – David Bowie

Change is never easy, especially changes that you don’t want to make. But, the cold reality is that sometimes change is necessary.  Like hundreds of print publications before us, The Real Story had to make a business decision based on facts and not wants. We had to do what is best for the survival of the organization, not the desires of the owner and employees.

So, as of this week, The Real Story will return to its internet roots. Hey, if it’s good enough for Newsweek, who are we to argue? The plain and simple reality is that most print publications are heading to the internet and we might as well head there, too.

With that said, do not think that this is an easy decision to make. Everyone at our company would have loved to have remained a print publication, but the financial realities are what they are and the web is our best option for survival.

And that is the key point. The Real Story is simply going digital – we are NOT folding. THAT is the most important thing our readers need to understand. We are just going to admit that, for us to succeed, we have to get ahead of the curve. We have no time to dawdle with an uncertain print future – especially knowing that, at the end of the day all newspapers are going to end up on the web anyway. Why fight the inevitable?

In making this decision, we understand that not everyone is internet-ready and to those fans, we apologize. However, most of the world gets their news from the internet. By going digital, we can report stories quicker, include more photos, be more interactive and, most importantly, we can begin to incorporate video.

Nothing is going to replace the feel of print in hand, but the world changes, and so we must make the adjustments. We must do what it takes to be successful. That is our top priority.

Some people will delight in the fact that we are no longer publishing a print edition, but mark my word, The Real Story will still be around watching and reporting and sometimes even making people a little uncomfortable.

We have been able to stir it up on the web and then in print, and we will continue to do it as we return back to the Worldwide Web. As a matter of fact, we will be even better at it because we will be able to release information in a more timely fashion.  Unfortunately, as a weekly print newspaper, you are often forced to hold news until your publication date. Good for sales, but bad for timely news.

To sum it up, this is not an end, just a new beginning. And good luck to the Commercial Dispatch and the Columbus Packet. The Real Story wishes you the best in your print endeavors. Keep fighting the good fight for the community.

As for our final cover and centerspread, they are compliments of one of our publication’s favorite artists, Addie Talley. She captures the insanity of what the holidays mean to so many families. They start out well and then fall into complete chaos.  Over the next two months, The Real Story will examine the craziness that we call the holiday season.

What should be the happiest time of the year often degenerates into some of the worst moments in life. Between in-laws and outlaws, credit card bills and family stuff, the next few months may be anything but “Tidings of Great Joy” for many people.

Add to this the fact that, somehow, Santa Claus has replaced the Christ and saying Merry Christmas is offensive to some and we should have plenty to write about. It is one of the sad facts of American life. Consumerism often wins. And that’s the fact, Jack.

In the meantime, I would like to thank our readers, our staff – all 1,000 of you, at one time or another – and our advertisers.    Without you, the madhouse known as the print edition of The Real Story would never have happened. But, it is time to move on to survive. It’s time to move on into the future and time to “Keep on Rocking in a Free World.”

So we will see you on the other side at

I watch the ripples change their size
But never leave the stream
Of warm impermanence
So the days float through my eyes
But still the days seem the same
And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They’re quite aware of what they’re going through

(turn and face the strain)
Don’t tell them to grow up and out of it
(turn and face the strain)
Where’s your shame
You’ve left us up to our necks in it
Time may change me
But you can’t trace time

By Ziggy Stardust

(You can find him on the internet, too)

Mr. MoJo Rising


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16 Comments on “Changes are Afoot”

  1. E. P. Flanders Says:

    Best wishes to you and your staff Joe! I think you are making the right decision and look forward to continuing to read you on the internet. It is the future of publishing as seen even in the popularity of ebooks and ebook readers. I am one of those people who said that I would never give in and get an ebook reader because I loved the feel of the weight of a “real” book in my hands. Now I am the proud owner of a NOOK and addicted to ebooks – guess what – on a NOOK all books weigh the same. :) Even though we are old Joe – we must not become dinosaurs – they stood still and froze in place… keep moving forward Joe – the future awaits us! Phyllis Flanders


  2. Henry Samuels Says:

    Joe, why the dark brooding with this realization? It looks you have a lot better grasp of the reality of electronic journalism today than the Dispatch does. Hopefully a common sense implementation will open new avenues for The Real Story. I wouldn’t characterize this as something negative, but as a positive metamorphosis. If you and your team are willing to experiment, to try things that old media can’t or won’t, then this could be very very interesting. No doubt you’ll be looking at what it is that people want and what digital information methods are already successful. The history of broadcast and print journalism is that outlets give consumers only what they, the outlets, want the public to have and only in the form the media wants to use. That’s why media are having the problems they’re having today, they’re slow to accept the inevitable fact that people will find what they want, the way they want it and, if that means leaving old, stubborn and unchanging media behind, then so be it. I would be surprised if your readers didn’t have a whole slew of ideas and suggestions.


  3. Raider Says:

    Joe, I did not see any mention of how you plan to produce revenue now. I do not see any internet ads on the site and I doubt that this site generates enough page-view or click-through traffic for those to be viable options. So, are you planning to implement a subscription model?

    I have been critical of you and your publication before and I am going to be again. Frankly, I don’t see your publication making it another six months unless you make some major changes. I don’t know you personally and I don’t work at your paper. But, to me, your paper appears to be geared or slanted towards the white population of the area. You may see your reporting as taking on the political leadership in the city and county or getting back at the people that wronged you, but I think the African American readers of your paper, questions whether the attacks aren’t more motivated against their race rather than anything else. You and your supporters may see your personal vendetta against Robert Smith, Selvain McQueen, Kabir Karriem and others as justified revenge, but I think you need to give serious consideration as to how it looks to your potential customers, readers and advertisers.

    As I said, I don’t work at your paper, but I assume that you have surveyed your readership and did a breakdown of the numbers. I don’t know, but I would have a hard time believing that twenty-five percent of your papers were bought by African-Americans. If I am correct, then I truly doubt your viability as a paper in this area.

    As I said before, I would like for your paper to be successful. I believe the more news sources that are available, the better. However, I believe that if your paper is to survive, you have to make some fundamental changes to the “slant” of you publication.

    Now, I could be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time and probably wouldn’t be the last. your gonzo style of reporting may be the right formula for you. But, you have the data, you can analyze it and determine if the demographic readership is where you would like for it to be, to survive. Good luck. I hope you are able to turn things around.


  4. Henry Samuels Says:

    Joe, I have been meaning to leave a message for you about how your gritty reporting style on local politics will get you the obligatory sour grapes accusations. My apologies, I was too late. My advice, consider the source. From the Dispatch to the DJournal, everywhere they leave messages, its always about race.
    Since this accuser brought up the race issue, why is it that some people spin everything towards race, no matter what the real topic is? The Dispatch has been a long time supporter of all things Democrat and liberal, and the Columbus Packet has been printing more and more club news and social bits from the African-American community. It sounds like you are expected to follow suit. I disagree.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if, when you crunch the numbers, you would find out that if someone was determined to make an issue of consumer groups by race or ethnicity, you’ll see that non-African-American consumers in the county outnumber and outspend African-Americans as a group. You’ll most likely find that non-African-Americans own more company stock, are a larger portion of the work force and own more businesses with five to seven digit and higher inventories and payrolls. That is all -if- someone is obsessed with focusing primarily on race. My feeling is that that kind of thinking is immature and ridiculous. If asked, I’d wager that the overwhelming majority of your readership would agree that you have, so far, told it like it is on local politics. Blunt, honest, no glazed donuts here. If someone wants rainbows and unicorns, they can cruise on over to the Dispatch and see all the spin, avoidance of problems, ignoring of legitimate news stories and a heavy left leaning slant on everything.
    You have an astute perception of local politics and the people in it, and I’m sure you’re old enough and intelligent enough to know that news has no color. It has spin. A person shoots a person, that is news. When the person reporting the news makes an issue of race or age or gender, that is spin.
    The TV station ran a story last night about a suspected case of police brutality, and RH Brown interviewed a witness who attributed the alleged brutality to the re-election of President Barack Obama. It has the talk of many work places today that the station would air such a claim. That is spin.
    My vote is on your continuing to give us your honest views and appraisal of local political goings-on. If I wanted my political news dressed up in lipstick and high heels, I’ll read another of the local sites. I come here to read the real deal with no makeup, warts and all. Right now, that kind of reporting is getting harder and harder to find. It’s a shrinking commodity, even though it’s what the majority of the people want.


  5. Raider Says:

    I see my cyber-stalker has chimed in. As usual, he is spouting off without knowing what he’s talking about.

    Here’s the breakdown for you. Some people are in business and some people have hobbies. If you have a hobby, you can do anything you want. You do not have to fashion anything you say or build to suit anyone else but yourself. For example, there is a local news site or blog site that have had about 25 people on it for years and years. It hasn’t grown very much. But, it doesn’t matter because I believe the owner treats it as a hobby and he has a daytime job. On the other hand, I believe this site is a business. In business, you have to consider the wants, needs and feelings of not only your current customers, but your potential customers into account. Otherwise, you will soon find yourself out of business. If your business model and philosophy pisses off half the potential customer base, then I would suggest that you make some changes. Whether it is to be more inclusive of race, sex or political affiliation. Otherwise, your business will just be a hobby.

    I know you just hate the Dispatch and the way they cover the local news. But, one thing you cannot deny is, the Dispatch has been in business for many years. As times changed, they made changes. In the areas of race, I am quite sure, they moderated or changed their slant on how they reported the news so that they could appeal to more African Americans as time and demographics changed. It doesn’t mean that they changed the news, they just found ways to present the news without alienating a large segment of the population.

    Here is another way to look at things. Recently, a little election was held. One of the candidates was caught on tape saying that he wasn’t worried about getting the vote of a certain 47% percent of the population. He basically said that 47% of the population was a bunch of moochers. The other candidate tried to be more inclusive. The more inclusive candidate won 3 key segments of the electorate and the other won the traditional segment that used to be the segment that every candidate went for. Now that the election is over and the more inclusive candidate won…the party of the loser is trying to figure out how to change their message to be a more inclusive party.

    So, what does the election have to do with this, you may ask. It is simple. One candidate is still in business. He’s the President. The other candidate that didn’t try to do anything to get the vote of the 47% that he thought was moochers…well he’s home trying to figure out what happened. He should be proud though, he still won the white men category. He still doesn’t understand why that 47% didn’t vote for him. In other words, he is out of business and he still can’t figure out why. Unfortunately, That will be the fate of The Real Story is he listens to you.

    “The TV station ran a story last night about a suspected case of police brutality, and RH Brown interviewed a witness who attributed the alleged brutality to the re-election of President Barack Obama. It has the talk of many work places today that the station would air such a claim. That is spin.”

    Could you please explain to me how that is spin? RH Brown didn’t make the story up. They didn’t paraphrase what the witness said, did he? If I make know mistake, the allegation came directly from the eyewitness’ mouth. Your allegation is actually “spin”. It is based on your hatred of Birney Imes and his media outlets and is not based on facts.


  6. Henry Samuels Says:

    Starting a response to a message from someone you disagree with, by accusing them of breaking a federal computer crimes law, that’s a dead giveaway your position is weak and indefensible. The only places I have responded to you have been local newspaper web sites and you accuse me of cyber-stalking, a federal crime. What about that Mr. St. John, you’re a former law enforcement professional- an expert, if that is my only interaction with this individual, does replying ONLY to their messages on three newspaper web sites constitute a federal crime? That is a dangerous and libelous accusation to make, even under a pseudonym.
    You’ve criticized other people for long messages, yet here you author your own version of the race obsessed version of War & Peace. Don’t you ever give it a rest? Perhaps Mr. St. John doesn’t know about the manifesto floating around Columbus, the one that says WE HAVE TO CONTROL THE CONVERSATION. One councilman is obsessed with that idea and has been preaching it night and day. You’ve been able, so far, to get the upper hand on two of the three local newspaper web sites, with the help of the site administrators deleting messages that disprove your claims and assertions, prove your alleged facts are false and provide sources that reveal the truth about whatever subject it is you attempt to drag in the direction of ethnic polarization and race baiting.
    Why would you write that my criticism of WCBI’s decision to air an interview, with someone accusing a police department of brutality, then alleging the brutality was in retaliation for the re-election of Barack Obama, is in any way tied to Birney Imes? Was that a Freudian slip maybe? The local conspiracy mill has long held that Morris Multimedia is a front for the Imes family to hold on to both the newspaper and the TV station when it was frowned on by the FCC. Are you saying that’s true? Did you slip up?
    You obviously don’t know or care about the basic principles of journalism. Let me enlighten you and then you can explain how accusing a police department of beating an African-American suspect, because an African-American president was re-elected, conforms to any of the precepts;
    From the Project for Excellence in Journalism
    1. Journalism’s first obligation is to the truth
    2. Its first loyalty is to citizens
    3. Its essence is a discipline of verification
    4. Its practitioners must maintain an independence from those they cover
    5. It must serve as an independent monitor of power
    6. It must provide a forum for public criticism and compromise
    7. It must strive to make the significant interesting and relevant
    8. It must keep the news comprehensive and proportional
    9. Its practitioners must be allowed to exercise their personal conscience
    I seriously doubt that the accusations made by the so-called witness conformed to either #1 or #3. It was sloppy and irresponsible, but strikingly similar to your opening statement in your last message, accusing me of violating a federal computer crime law.
    WCBI’s last coverage of an alleged incident at Ole Miss had 400 students involved in a race riot on campus. The station no longer has credibility and lacks any focus on the listed principles of journalism. Yes, I do feel the Dispatch is not far behind, as its editorial history of rewording letters to the editor, for years, FOR CLARITY, is a gross violation of #1, #2 and #6.
    I sincerely hope Mr. St. John doesn’t allow you or anyone, including myself, to control a conversation, as the manifesto mandates. The Real Story should be, I hope, an open and unbiased platform for getting at the truth of an issue, getting to THE REAL Story. Not just another variation of the other media in the city.


    • Raider Says:

      Henry, I guess you recognized that your business model and advice made no sense, so you dropped that argument. Maybe you should start consulting with your internet buddies, before you post.

      Now last week, you were whining about Selvain McQueen advocating for powers to arrest people for internet speech. Now, you are whining for the ex chief to come to your defense. C’mon dude. You spent a whole paragraph whining that I called you a cyber-stalker. LOL. Didn’t you recently refer to me as a Nazi? Now you are crying cause I called you a cyber-stalker. Well, I believe that the correct term for someone who follows another individual around the internet, so they can post opposing comments to every post the other individual makes, is stalker. Since it’s on the internet, I would say a cyber-stalker. But you don’t have to worry, I am not scared of you, so I am not going to call anybody to track you down or anything. Chief McQueen is not coming to get you. It would be a waste of everyone’s time.

      Now, you want to tell journalist how to do their job. But, like always, you read a few internet stories about a subject and now you think you are some kinda expert. Well, I hate to tell you, you don’t know what you are talking about. As always, you took a bit of information, twisted to fit your twisted way of thinking and attacked the source. In this case you attacked WCBI for airing the statement of an eyewitness. I love the way you call him “the so-called witness”. For you, race determines truth.

      Now, you posted nine precepts of Journalism and accused WCBI of violated them. The very first precept that you posted is about truth. Please tell me how WCBI violated that precept by broadcasting the actual video of the eyewitness? No matter what the eyewitness said, WCBI would be broadcasting the truth by showing exactly what the witness said. Remember, they were not posting the outcome of a jury verdict or a conclusion that was reached in an investigation. I believe that you had a problem with what the eyewitness said. The eyewitness is not a journalist. The eyewitness told what his perception was of the situation. You wanted WCBI to dismiss the eyewitness report and not show it because you didn’t agree with it. That would be a very serious violation of the precepts that you posted. If they dismissed the eyewitness report, wouldn’t they be in violation of #s 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6?

      One last thing. My mentioning Birney Imes was not a slip. You and your friends have been ranting about the Imes’ control of the media for ages. I am going by what you have posted in the past. You tried to accuse me of a slip and then you admitted that there is a conspiracy theory that the Imes’ control WCBI. Of course, that conspiracy only lives in the minds of you and your wacky friends. You and your friends also believe the crazy theory that somehow, the administration of the newspapers are giving me some special privileged or something. I guess that is an acknowledgement by y’all that, when it comes to internet postings, y’all are no match for me.


  7. Henry Samuels Says:

    Your spin is low rent. Your advocacy for Selvain McQueen to arrest people who use profanity on the internet concerns a CURRENT acting police official. My question to Mr. St. John was addressed to a FORMER police chief, now a civilian. Please learn to read for content.
    I never said I was a believer in the theory that MM is a shill for the Imes to retain control of WCBI, although I think they made a serious mistake in judgment by hiring Birney Imes’ editor immediately after the sale. He is obviously no journalist.
    I have seen heavily edited video from the station, before and after it was sold, and the veracity of most of it is deplorable. It is heavy on your own style of communication, anything to create conflict, suspicion, animosity and emotional reaction, even if what is said is untrue. I have never seen a complete interview aired on the station in the last thirty years. From a five minute interview, they air less than sixty seconds. In this case, the editor included the allegation about the re-election of Obama. It is selective editing. If the alleged witness had said the unconfirmed brutality was because of radio signals from the moon, I doubt that ten seconds would have been aired.
    Is that the best you can do when you accuse someone of a federal crime, word games? How old are you? You read as very very immature. Being falsely accused of being a stalker, or a child molester, or rapist is not a joke and your juvenile lack of concern for doing that kind of thing is disturbing. It makes me wonder how many people you have done that to. I don’t think any grown adult considers being accused of stalking, rape or molestation a joke.
    The Dispatch Ops manager is not here to run interference for you. Your accusation about me breaking a federal law is of little concern to me at the moment, but that could change as your behavior worsens. My primary interest is in the viability of The Real Story as an alternative to the biased left-leaning censorship and content of other local media. As a political moderate, I find that most all biased news is not journalism, it is a droll form of entertainment, for lack of a better word. That seems to be the type of place where you thrive. Perhaps you might find things different here. Time will tell if other followers of The Real Story find your obsession with race and skin color as juvenile and meaningless as I do.
    Your friends at the Dispatch are not here now to filter the responses to your insipid and adolescent rantings on race. You remember the first time we dealt with one another?
    It was when you used gutter terminology to refer to THEN chief of police, Joseph St. John, calling for his immediate termination and for Joe Johnson to be appointed. When Johnson did not make the final cut, your allegiance switched to Selvain McQueen who, incidentally, you fervently defended when McQueen flagrantly violated the federal Hatch Act when he ran for sheriff. No big deal you said. The charges were racially motivated you said. You and McQueen made light of a serious federal law that every candidate has to follow, yet you now advocate that same individual, that same police chief being able to arrest adults for cursing one another on the internet. Your lack of understanding the concept of ethics mirrors McQueen’s. It is interesting that you have no realization of the effect your constant online rantings about race and skin color could, and most likely will have on the upcoming campaigns of the people whose names you drop on every web site you visit. When January 2 comes, I sincerely hope they do not know who you are. We will see how ready they are to accept your type of support.


  8. Bubba Says:

    MoJo, you go right ahead and go paperless. It’s the new wave, so ride it Big Cahuna. The Dispatch, being mostly good for wrapping fish guts and lining bird cages, hasn’t figured out how bad his paper stinks, in more than one way.

    And I really like the little bugs that come with his paper: nice touch. Stinky ink and free bugs. Why, it’s almost like Christmas.

    Oh, and stay out of Walmart dude. :P


  9. Raider Says:

    Henry, you are a joke. Not long ago, didn’t you say that you were going to follow me around from site to site? And, if you would read for comprehension, I used the term “ex chief”. That means “former”.

    You are the one that brought the MM controlling WCBI conspiracy theory up. Now you are you claim that you don’t believe in it. That’s a lie. You have been whining about the Imes’s controlling WCBI for ever. To claim that you don’t believe it now, is disingenuous at best.

    Your claims that all my post involves race is a fantasy that is just in your mind. If you will go back and objectively read my post and your post, you will find that you are the one that is obsessed by race. Your obsession is simple. You intend to make sure that African Americans are not heard. You would like to stamp out their voice. That is why you completely freaked out about the WCBI interview.

    Although you keep making the claim, I do not personally know anyone at the Dispatch, The Daily Journal, The Real Story, The Packet or any other media outlet. No one edits, advocates write anything for me. That is all in your head because your arguments are so weak.

    Now, we can keep having these internet arguments or you can drop the hate and let’s have some thoughtful internet discussions, without questioning each other motives on every post. It’s up to you. Or you can go back to your friends and tell them that you are not up to the task and bring in some reinforcements.

    This topic started off with the publisher announcing some changes. Mainly that the paper would be discontinuing it’s print edition. It was a business decision. I offered my view on how I believed the paper’s reporting hurt sales in the African American community. That was all you needed, to go off on your usual rant about race. The comment was not about race. It was about business. Whether you like it or not, race is a factor that must be considered when making business decisions. Have you listened to the Republican party lately? They are ready to do anything to try and attract Hispanic voters. You may boil it down to race, but the bottom line is, they have to find ways to appeal to Hispanic voters or that will be out of “business”. I believe the same concept must be applied if this newspaper wants to survive.


  10. Henry Samuels Says:

    How quick you dance around your trash talking about then chief St. John and the whole McQeen burp on his Hatch Act violation. Makes one wonder if you stand by your accusation that the Hatch Act complaint was racially motivated. You continually avoid answers that expose your racial prejudice. Understandable though.
    Also, I haven’t been, as you say, complaining about the Imes controlling WCBI forever. I know who owns the TV station, do you not know who is on the license record? The stations public record is available for open public inspection, just ask in the lobby. Try it sometime.
    I didn’t freak out about the WCBI interview and I fail to see how the station airing an interview with an individual, who just happens to be African-American, making a racially charged accusation about knowing what police officers were thinking at the time of an arrest, benefits or puts his race in any favorable light at all. He is not a mind reader and neither are you. He didn’t quote anything the officers said and he stated the accusation as a fact, not his opinion or what he thought. It was an embarrassing piece of video. It wasn’t news journalism in any form. It was a low form of TNT wrestling version of the news. That is not the style of news journalism I hope to see from The Real Story.
    I have never written any message about wanting to censor African-Americans or you for that matter. Nor anyone I have exchanged messages with. If readers search both our histories, they will see it has been you who has preached for censorship of others, not I. You advocate online censorship, I abhor censorship. Facts, facts and more facts. Learn to use them.
    You ended your last message with the usual focus on race and some justification for your obsession with it. Again, let me enlighten you. The populace in this area in the Golden Triangle is not a black or white consumer commodity. When you, or anyone, throws all people of one skin color into a single group, it doesn’t endear you or your cause to the people whose heritage and culture you trivialize by doing it. I personally know peoples from many different countries and cultures that reside here, spend money here and raise families here. People who have come here to MSU, MUW, the air base, Metso, Serverstal, the technology park in Starkville, EADS, people from France, England, Germany, Australia, Finland, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia. That’s right, all living and spending money right here in Columbus, Starkville, West Point and west Alabama. Would you want them marginalizing your heritage and your culture because of your skin color? Then why do it to them? Each person, whether of Russian or Greek descent, has the right to be just as proud of their heritage and culture as you do of yours.
    Is The Real Story to spend the time to individually consider each and every ethnic group in north Miss. before it produces its product? If Joe wants to do that, its his business, but concentrating on just one group, to the exclusion of others, is not a good model to follow. Making race or ethnicity, in any form, the prime focus of a news outlet, is not something I would think would sell well to consumers who want unbiased and unadulterated news. I personally don’t want black, white, yellow, brown or red news, I just want the news. If you, or anyone, wants one specific color of news, why not start your own outlet? You obviously like using the internet, why not put out a little effort to do what it is you want others to do?
    Next year is an important election year for this city. I predict that that the mayor and every councilman will need Mr. St. John and The Real Story more than he needs them. It’s my hope that Mr. St. John plays a big part in the election campaign, as a balance to the not so subtle endorsement type journalism we’ve seen in the past. Hopefully, The Real Story will help level the field for all candidates to get their positions and platforms before the public, and for once, get some real answers to questions the public want answers to, not canned Q&A born in some campaign office. With his connections, Mr. St. John might think about a real debate style challenge to all candidates, such as at the Trotter Center. Something not scripted and where no one can cheat with previews of the questions months in advance.
    In the end Mr. St. John, you have my sincerest wishes for the continued success of The Real Story. I hope to see you and TRS in action, definitely in the upcoming election. Whether you know it or not, we have met several times and you have a very good in-person style. You might think about doing some video interviews and linking them to a The Real Story Youtube channel. Now that would be something different for a change. If or when TRS starts a Youtube channel, please let the readership know. Good luck.


  11. Bubba Says:

    It seems to me the race is making itself the prime focus of a news outlet. Or did God put that under their car seat too??


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