November 2, 2012


As this year’s presidential election approaches, most Americans have decided who they will vote for – President Barack Obama or the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney. For me, the question is a no-brainer, but as with most elections over the last half-century, the questions “are you better off now than four years ago” or “is the country better off now than four years ago” have been tossed around. So, I guess the thing to do, would be to compare what was going on four years ago with our current situation, because Americans tend to have a short memory.

 Four years ago, the stock market was tanking. The market was in virtual freefall, on the way to 6,500. During the fall of 2008, the stock market suffered five drops of 500 points or more. American workers lost half of their 401k retirement values. Today, the market closed above 13,200. It has more than doubled over the last four years. American workers have recovered all their losses. Four years ago, the American economy was losing 700,000-800,000 thousand jobs per month. We lost almost 8 million jobs during the recession. Since bottoming out in January 2009, and since the passage of the Obama Stimulus package, the employment picture has continually improved. This past month was the 31st straight month of private sector job growth. Many people, including Mitt Romney, have complained about the slow rate of job growth, but I will take an increase of 100,000–200,000 jobs a month over a loss of 700,000–800,000 per month any day. Since January 2010, approximately 5 million jobs have been created under Obama. Four years ago, GM and Chrysler were on the verge of extinction. The right wing, along with Mitt Romney was salivating at the prospects of the American auto industry going broke. Barack Obama bailed out GM and Chrysler. Recently GM reclaimed the #1 spot in worldwide auto sales. Millions of jobs were saved because Obama and the Democrats decided that saving GM and Chrysler was an important part of saving America. Today, GM is ALIVE and Osama Bin Laden is DEAD. Mitt Romney and the Republicans were more interested in breaking the auto unions than repairing the American economy. Four years ago, the American financial markets were in complete shambles. We had unprecedented bank failures. Because of this, world markets were on the verge of a financial collapse. No one could borrow money. The housing market practically collapsed. Homeowners were being foreclosed on at a record pace. Over the last few years or so, the housing market has begun to recover. Credit markets have improved. Recent homes sales were up over 10 percent. Americans are able to borrow money to buy and build homes. Prices haven’t fully recovered, but the number of under-water mortgages is declining. Four years ago, we were engaged in two wars. One war, Iraq was completely unwarranted and unnecessary. We spent well over a trillion dollars fighting that war and lost almost 4,500 American troops. President Obama ended that war and brought our troops home. The amount we will have to spend on veterans’ care, due to traumatic brain injury and other costs, will be astronomical. However, President Obama has vowed to make sure that veterans will get the medical care that they need and deserve. President Obama’s handling of the aftermath following Hurricane Sandy was a clear picture of how a president should handle emergency compared to the Republicans’ response to Katrina.

 I’m sorry, but I refuse to be swayed by the “I hate Obama” crowd, which throws around terms like “socialist,” “Marxist” and “communist” without any facts or rationale to back up their accusations. I refuse to support a nominee who plans to implement the same policies that got us into such a dire situation four years ago. I refuse to support a candidate that McDuffieflat-out tells lies, on a daily basis. I refuse to support a candidate that now claims that he wrote the blueprint to save the auto industry, when he in fact wrote an editorial advocating to “Let Detroit Go Broke.” I refused to support a candidate who was all for abolishing FEMA back in the primaries, but now he wants you to believe that he would not cut FEMA funding. I refuse to support a candidate that will say anything for a vote. He can’t even remember the lies he’s told from one day to another. I refuse to support a Romney/Ryan ticket that plans to change Medicare to a voucher program. And, I refuse to support a party that had a group meeting on the night of President Obama’s inauguration, four years ago, to develop a plan to block his agenda, at all costs. Even when Obama adopted and proposed their plans, they opposed him because regaining power was more important to them than rebuilding American.

Under Barack Obama, the economy has not recovered as quickly as we would like, but we are on the right track. I know Americans are used to instant gratification but, when we look at the big picture, I don’t see how any rational person could say that we are worse off today than we were four years ago. In this election, I will wholeheartedly support and vote for Barack Hussein Obama. He has earned a second term. He is the man for the job and I believe, anybody who looks at the “facts” instead of the myths, will agree.

Earl McDuffie

Caledonia, MS

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  1. John Dorroh Says:

    Hi Earl! I had trouble reading your piece because pf the giant paragraph format. Break down your thoughts to make it easier to read. No. I’m not the Grammar Police…just wanted to read what you had to say but there it was too much to digest in that one paragraph.
    Thanks, John D


  2. John W Says:

    Well said. When I was trying to decide who I would vote for, I was asking the question to myself whether the Republicans would have done a better job bringing the economy back after the failures of the previous Republican administration. I really believe we would have been worse. And, going back to the Republican policies would drag us back down. I think we are on the right track and radical changes will make it worse.


  3. holly jeter Says:

    Mr. McDuffie i agree with John that’s a lot stuff to deal with. Let’s just take one thing you said in your comment the part about GM and about them being the #1 worldwide leader in auto sales. Thats a very missleading statement if it’s true. If we were building all those cars and trucks over here and shipping them quote “worldwide” i think you might have something, but we are not building all those cars and trucks over here now are we so that doesn’t really have anything to do with our country. If i’m wrong please correct me…


    • Raider Says:

      Toyota has now regained the top spot in global car sales and they don’t make all their cars in Japan. They make some of them here. I don’t believe any major car producer builds all their cars in their home country. That wouldn’t make financial sense. But, the worldwide profit goes to the home country. I don’t understand what could be misleading. Whatever your contention is, if it wasn’t for the bailout, GM and Chrysler wouldn’t be building cars anywhere and millions of other workers would have been out of a job.


  4. hjeter4444 Says:

    My contention is that all the vehicles don’t get built here, so American workers aren’t getting the jobs and the bottom line for me is Americans working here. Anybody can blog and claim all the things Mr. McDuffie did and then at the very end of his comments say look at the facts without giving any while running the previous administration down..


    • Raider Says:

      So, maybe Nissan and Toyota should pack up their plants and move them back to Japan. Mercedes-Benz back to Germany. Kia and Hyundai should closed down their factories. Your “contention” makes absolutely no sense. To be honest, it sounds like sour grapes to me. There are only two reasons why this is a problem for the two of you. First, Obama backed the bailout and it worked. Second, Mitt Romney didn’t back the bailout and it worked.


  5. hjeter4444 Says:

    Raider are you Mr McDuffies spokesperson? I commented on something that Mr McDuffie said and in your last post your saying things like you know me. I don’t have sour grapes, whats that anyway. I understand we have a global economy and how it works in relationship to the car company’s. I’m for whatever works and whatever gets us going. Ford didn’t take a bailout and i believe i saw some new Fords out on the road today. GM and Chrysler wouldn’t be out of business i’m sure you know that there are controlled bankruptcy’s were you can reorganize you finance’s and still run your business. If Mr Romney made a comment about the car company’s he probably was talking about going down this road to help, save or to get them over the hump, however you want to put this. No i don’t have any facts to back up what i said so, do your on research on this if you would like. You’ve got the last word on this because i’m going to bed………………


    • Raider Says:

      I’m sorry. To me, your statements appeared to be made to the general public. But, I have taken note and will refrain from commented directly to you in this comment section.


  6. Brenda Says:

    The US isn’t better off than 4 years ago. In fact, it is getting worse. I would never vote for obama. He is clearly the worst man for the job. He is hell bent on destroying this country.
    If he stays in, I’m afraid our grandchildren will be speaking chinese or some other language. Our country will be so far in debt that another country will own us.
    I don’t want to depend on the gov. to feed me. I want to be free to follow my own dreams. I don’t want to pay higher taxes so the gov. can give someone a job to collect my taxes. .
    It is clear that he can’t keep us safe nor does he care what happens to us. Arizona asked for help and he turned his back on them. The US citizens in Lybia asked for help and they were ignored. Then the White House lied to us about what happened to hide the fact that they dropped the ball once again.


  7. Billy Says:



  8. Raider Says:

    The voters have spoken and Barack Hussein Obama has been re-elected PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES. It’s a great day to be an AMERICAN.


  9. Street King. Says:

    It must be some damn good kool-aid. Lol


  10. Brenda Says:

    Here we are — another 4 years without a President.


  11. Raider Says:

    I see, even after the people have spoken and delivered a rebuke to the republican party, their supported still remain whiny and bitter. The democrats won in every phase of the electorate. No only did Obama win, the Democrats will pick up seats in the Senate and the House. Back during the summer, no one thought the democrats would be able to pick up seats in the Senate. Many pundits felt that they had less than a 50-50 chance of even holding on to the Senate. However, Barack Obama and the Senate candidates were able to speak to the people and they made their case against republican obstructionism.

    The candidate offered by the republican party, their new party leader, was a serial liar and all but the republican diehards, recognized that fact. The independent voters broke towards the democrats and rejected the party of obstruction and dishonesty.

    Now that the election is over, it is the responsibility of the republican voters to first, get over their bitterness and second, to contact their congressmen and leaders and tell them to put the country first, not the party. It is time for the republican voters, congressmen and republican leaders to stop trying to de-legitimise President Obama and make a serious effort to try and work with him. Whether you like it or not, Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the USA. He’s going to be there for another four years. Trying to pretend that he’s not president is simply childish.


    • John W Says:

      Its time for BOTH sides to get together for the country. Rubbing the victory in the noses of the Republicans isn’t going to solve a thing


  12. Kathryn Says:

    Barack Obama is the poorest excuse for president that the US has ever had. He wants Socialism in the this country and has the Chicago Thugs to help him get it. Every person who voted for him will regret it for many years to come. Their children, grand children, great grand children and “on & on” will pay for all the debts that this country owes. With many trillions adding up every day, we cannot ever know what it is like to “not be in debt”. China owns every one of us. Mr. McDuffie, it is people like you have aided Obama get into office and bring our country down. The name of God is taken from all of us in so many ways. God is REAL and He is watching all of this.


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