Monday Morning Water Cooler Talk for Oct. 15, 2012

Let’s Talk A Little Football

It was a good weekend for Mississippi football, this weekend. Ole Miss appears to be headed in the right direction, with a big win over Auburn. It snapped a 16-game SEC losing streak and the feel around town is that the Rebels, with a little good fortune, could be headed to a bowl game. That would be a welcome sight after a couple of years where losing became all too familiar.

Coach Hugh Freeze charmed an area alumni gathering earlier in the year with a ton of warmth and personality. Charm aside, he appears to have the faithful feeling good about the program and the SEC win this past Saturday was a step in the right direction. Rebel fans are proud and their alumni are extremely proud of their alma mater – as they should be; it is a wonderful place.

Add in the Grove, the history and a big dose of “Manningmania,” and it is very special to be there on a Saturday. The Rebs still have a few mountains to climb, but it is nice to win. Everyone likes a nice football game, but nothing beats victory, even if it’s against an Auburn team that has slipped from National Champ to non-factor. A win is a win.

In Starkville, the mania is now at a fever pitch and the facts are the facts: the Dawgs are 6 and 0. With a win against Middle Tennessee next week, the Dawgs head to Bama with an unblemished record.  It will be wild in Tuscaloosa and, regardless of the outcome, it will be a game that State fans will remember for a long time.

And, for anyone who thinks that MSU is going to just “roll over,” guess again. They played the Tide tough last year until the end.  This year should be no different.

The source of this MSU excitement is easy. It is Dan Mullen. Love him or hate him, he is the man. After hearing him speak on numerous occasions, it is apparent that he wants to win and win big.

Sylvester Croom did a lot to clean up the MSU program, but it is naive to think that the Dawgs were going to win with him as coach. Croom’s last game in Oxford was a testament to that fact.  Not only did the Dawgs get manhandled 45 to ZERO, but the coaching staff was dazed on the sideline. If the game had gotten more out of hand, the Ole Miss Police Department would have had to put up crime-scene tape.  If you were in Oxford that Saturday, you saw it, and the next day, Croom was gone.

Since that time, unfortunately for the Reb faithful, “The Egg” has remained in Starkville. It will take a great performance to wrest it from the hands of State, but, with the game in Oxford, maybe the Rebels can get the win.

But, no doubt about it, Mullen is the man in Starkville. He is tough, ready and a winner. He is going to make it hard for Ole Miss to get the Egg Bowl Trophy back.

Of course, we would be remiss not to mention Ala-bama. Roll Tide, roll. They’re number one in the country and would give a few NFL teams a run for their money. Winning a third national championship in four years is not out of the question.

Before anyone becomes a Bama hater, understand that the Tide is what it is; one of the all-time premier football programs in the history of the universe. Love them or hate them, that is a fact.  They have set a standard that is the envy of most of the college football world.

As a matter of fact, the SEC is, without a doubt, the center of the college football universe. The SEC causes the other football conferences to tremble and makes the rest of the football world shake. If you’re not an SEC fan, don’t be a hater – just win a national championship. Or for that matter, get into the national championship game. Nuff said?

On the NFL side, the New York “Fighting Elis” are on top of the Eastern Division of the NFC and is led by the main man – Manning, who get no credit, but just wins championships. The fact is that Eli is a winner and a fourth-quarter wonder. And he is at his best against the best.

Tom Brady is this generation’s “Wonderboy QB.”  And Eli, quite frankly, owns him. So, if Tom is the gold standard and Eli spanks him every time they play, that makes Eli the real man.

It may hurt some, but all they have to do is beat Eli in the Super Bowl. Good luck with that, because even a super model’s hubby has to walk with his head down after facing Eli in the big game.

So, it was a wonderful weekend for Mississippi football. Let’s hope it lasts a little longer. Because sometimes in a world of real problems and chaos, it is just nice to see your team kick the other team’s backside.



Sometimes it is also great not to talk about politics!


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