Special Traffic Restrictions To Be Implemented For Sept. 18 Krispy Kreme Opening

September 17, 2012

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The Columbus Police Department will begin directing Krispy Kreme traffic Tuesday morning at Wal-Mart. The right hand lane of southbound traffic will be Krispy Kreme only, with the first entrance being for drive-through customers and the second entrance (next to the Wind Chase sign) being for in-store customers. There will be plenty of available parking in the Wind Chase shopping center behind Krispy Kreme.


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4 Comments on “Special Traffic Restrictions To Be Implemented For Sept. 18 Krispy Kreme Opening”

  1. Jerry Owen Says:

    And citizens were worried about officers having to take time to enforce the saggy pants law….


    • John Dorroh Says:

      Ok, Dunkin Donuts was doing just fine…I thought…and suddenly…POOF! They’re gone. Now here’s all the hubbub about Krispy Kreme…..what’s so special about their dough-nuts? KK is for fund-raising. DD had more than dough-nuts — some great food and you can’t beat their coffee.
      If you want a good dough-nut, go to Shipleys and forget this “big news” story about how bad the traffic’s supposed ot be. Goodness….give me a break!


  2. John W Says:

    And we wonder why Mississippi has the most fat asses in the U.S.?


  3. Joanne Williams Says:

    Lord help us if they ever open a Starbucks !!!!!! You’d have a riot :)


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