Update: Supervisors React to Swales Resignation from CCVB Board

July 25, 2012

Announcements, CCVB, Columbus, MS

As we reported earlier, George Swales has submitted his resignation as a member of the board of directors of Columbus Lowndes Convention & Visitors Bureau. Swales hand-delivered his two-sentence letter of resignation (a copy of which appears below) to the Board of Supervisors offices this morning.

When contacted at his residence, Swales was tight-lipped about the situation. “I have served on the CCVB Board for six years, as well as 27 years in the military, and I have decided to do something else,” stated Swales, in response to a question about his reason for resigning at this time. When asked if there was a single incident or situation that prompted his resignation, Swales said, “No.” He also denied that he had been pressured into resigning. In response to a question as to how he felt, in retrospect, about the divisiveness that has plagues the board over the last eighteen months, he responded with, “No comment.”

Supervisor Jeff Smith, who walked into the Supervisors’ office just as Swales was delivering the resignation letter, said that he was shocked to learn of Swales decision. When asked what Swales said to him about the matter, Smith replied, “He didn’t have much to say. It was obvious that he had done a lot of thinking about the situation.”

“George has been a good advisor to me, in terms of the CVB,” stated Smith, in describing his relationship with Swales. “I did not know him, before I was elected to the board [Lowndes County Board of Supervisors], but we have developed a good relationship since then. As a matter of fact I have held two of my district meetings at his house.”

“I want to commend George Swales for his diligent service to the people,” stated Smith, in regards to Swales departure.

When contacted for comment, Board of Supervisors President Harry Sanders indicated that he was unaware of Swales’ resignation and, thus, would have no comment. He did add that Swales’ resignation does not become official until the Board votes to accept his resignation, likely at its next meeting, which is scheduled for Tuesday, July 31.

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2 Comments on “Update: Supervisors React to Swales Resignation from CCVB Board”

  1. Berry Hinds Says:

    Smooth sailing George and thanks for you contributions to this community.


  2. Helen Says:

    Another good citizen that has tried to fight thru the politial crap of this City. I don’t know who would want to be on the CVB board. Mr Swales was one of if not the fairest members on this board. It is very sad when you see someone who has the best interest of the people and has to be in the middle of such a self centered group. This is a good time to completely do away with this board and try and put a fair and just one in its place. If the citizens of this City and County don’t stand up and right the ship it will sink! Too much to ask?????????


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