Columbus City Council Meeting Agenda for June 19, 2012

We urge all residents of Columbus to attend this meeting, which will be held at the Columbus Municipal Complex (1501 Main Street), beginning at 5 p.m.

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5 Comments on “Columbus City Council Meeting Agenda for June 19, 2012”

  1. Bill Says:

    Well they shut Leroy up maybe the Mayor can do the same to Big K and Long Tall Joe. These 2 fools can screw up a one car Funeral.


  2. Thom Geiger Says:

    Is Mr. Worshaim desperate to get on a board or is maybe someone desperate to get him on a board? Is there a limit to the number of boards a person can be a candidate for?
    I believe the issue of where it is that Mr. Burkhalter might be in the required restaurant business has been brought up. Can a candidate work in a Tupelo (Lee County) eatery or a Starkville (Oktibbeha County) restaurant and qualify for appointment to the Columbus CVB board? Given the debacles of this city’s hirings and appointments, it’s become clear there is no bottom to how low this city council can sink. Why let little things like state law, ethics or, even worse, common sense get in the way of a good puppet appointment, promotion or hiring.


  3. Harold Says:

    WE WILL SEE HOW LOW THEY WILL SINK TONIGHT. Since KK’s big brother wash the dishs at the kitchen maybe he could qualify for the CCVB board. Question: Can a felon be on the CCVB board?


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