Liddell Named CMSD Superintendent; Dunn Re-appointed as Board Attorney

In what can only be described as an anticlimactic moment, Dr. Martha Liddell was named, tonight, as the new superintendent of the Columbus Municipal School District. Liddell had been serving as the interim superintendent since the departure of Del Phillips, nearly a year ago. Liddell’s appointment by the board is contingent on the two sides agreeing on the details of a three-year contract.

In another school system matter, the board voted 3-2 to award David Dunn a three-year contract as board attorney, with Jason Spears, Glen Lautzenhiser, and Tommy Prude voting for the appointment and Currie Fisher and Aubra Turner voting against it.

Joseph B. St. John

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7 Comments on “Liddell Named CMSD Superintendent; Dunn Re-appointed as Board Attorney”

  1. robbie Says:

    If this was a shock to anyone then you are living under a rock. This was a set up from the get-go. Can you say new Police Chief. There will “NEVER” be any justice in this town until the good people take it back. Who is going to run for mayor. If you don’t give a damn about this town then stay home and don’t vote. When you do have good people to run you either don’t go and vote or you dog cuss them to do something about what is going on. When you only have 2 white cancilmen then you have what we have now. No one wants to talk about the real truth of what is going on. I dare say much will change. I knew what was going to happen with the police chief and the school supt. So did anyone with one eye and half sense. Thru the years a few good people have tried to make a difference. Most of the politicians what the power. Look around and see who we have running the city and county. Yes it is a very sad day for Columbus and Lowndes County. All the New factorys and plants that we have and are coming in won’t save this town. They will just move to Caledonia, New Hope, Starkville or some where you don’t have to put up with the crap we now have in this town. If they could a lot of the people I talk to would move as soon as possible. News Flash: It ain’t going to get better! It all started with the Mayor. Think about it. He is the main problem. There will be an election next year. Who will step up? Who will monie up? It will take over a $100,000.00 to run a successful run for this office. That is if you are to win over what we have now. People – You don’ get it. This ship will not right it’s self without your help. Now is the time to get off your butt and take this town back or just sit on it and watch it sink farther down the tube. IT IS YOUR CHOICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Raider Says:

    Well robbie…how bout you throw your hat in the ring and run for mayor? How bout you taking your own advice and “give a damn” and you be the man.

    There will “NEVER” be any justice in this town until the good people take it back.

    I guess the good people you are talking about is the “good ol white folk”? I guess you are just pining for them good ol days when only white folks were qualified to run government. Well times have changed. Right now, I guess you are feeling a little like black folk felt for 200 years. I supposed things will change when folk who think like you are gone. and white.


    • bj Says:

      well well well mr raider. true colors do appear. you have no clue as to where this time is going. robbie must have hit a nerve.


    • Thom Geiger Says:

      Are you ever going to give it a rest Raider? You called the former police chief the most hateful names, all the while heaping praise on McQueen, Joe Johnson, Leroy Brooks and Kabir Karriem, who (Karriem) as been calling for boycotts of local businesses and implementation of race based hiring, bids and contracts. What kind of idiotic city official calls for boycotts of local businesses? And why no criticism of Karriem’s racist rants on his radio show? I have a web page with recordings of at least three years worth of the most hateful speech I’ve heard from a Columbus city official. And you think “robbie’s” message was bad?
      You have yet to address, here or the Dispatch site, Karriem’s conduct and his plans to base everything this city does on race. Aside from the skin pigmentation of the people Karriem is wanting to deny employment and business to, how DOES that differ from the 50s and 60s? You have repeatedly made inference to the fact that the show is on the other foot now and advocated the “now it’s our turn” mentality, which apparently means our turn to be racist and bigots, to discriminate and dole out preferential treatment.
      I also noticed that the Dispatch has taken to vigorously protecting your territory on its comment system. How many complaints have there been to date about other posters’ links to citations and factual references that contradict your propaganda being removed? I’ve counted three in the last six months. That seems to be a consistent theme running throughout the liberal Democrat cause locally. The inability to compete fairly, in either a debate or a city job application.
      As for Karriem, according to Clarence B. Jones (look him up), Dr. King himself, if he were alive today, would be the first to call for an end to public welfare and race based hiring quotas. In my own opinion, that says a lot about the huge difference between locals who call themselves liberals and Democrats and aren’t shy when it comes to using and abusing quotes from Dr. King, and the opinions of people who knew the man far better than Kabir, Leroy or anyone on the Dispatch web site. One is nothing more than hypocritical, self-serving propaganda and the other is a very deep understanding of the true beliefs of Dr. King, who was religiously committed to inclusion, not exclusion, who was dedicated to seeing that no one group controlled the destiny of all others, or benefited the many at the expense of the few.
      What group is in the increasing majority in the city of Columbus and what is being preached by the officials to that majority? And this is different from the 50s how?


  3. Raider Says:

    LOL. I knew when I posted I would bring out Columbus’ self appointed internet troll. I will try to address as many points of your rant as I can.

    First, please tell me what hateful names I called St. John. I know you like to hang onto things, so maybe you can go back and find those hateful names I called him. The only two I can remember calling him was ex-chief and in a couple I said the reason they fired him was because he was a drunk. Now, do you have other info to bring to the table?

    Please go back and find the heaping praise that I have showered on McQueen, Robert Smith, KK and the like. Have I defending them against the double standard of the “we need white leadership” gang that you belong too? Yes I have. Why is it racial quotas when black’s do it but it’s just business when whites do it? Whites ran the government and appointed other whites to every job for pretty much 200 years. No matter how much blacks complained, I bet people like you didn’t say a word about the unfairness of the situation. Everything was done behind closed doors and blacks were told to trust the system. Well, now the process is out in the open. The public is asked for input at every turn and all, you all do now, is complain about the outcome. So, I suspect, it’s not the process that you all hate…it’s the outcomes. I guess you all would be happy if the two white council folks were the only two that got to vote? Why you are at it, please tell me why it’s racist when blacks support blacks but not when white’s go overboard to support whites?

    i have never listened to Karriem’s show on the radio. I do not know what context he called for a boycott of businesses. Although boycotting local business may be harsh and something that should not be called for lightly, as history have shown, sometimes it the most effective and necessary. Imagine were black people would be if they didn’t boycott the local bus company in Montgomery.

    Now let’s get to this idiotic comment about the Dispatch is somehow protecting my territory. Give me a break. You are not serious are you? I don’t personally know anybody at the Dispatch and they are definitely not protecting me. I have posted links to other sites also that have never showed up on their site. The difference between me and you and those like you is that I don’t sit around crying about it and trying to call out Birney Imes personally for blocking my post. I suspect that the venom that tends to drip from you all complaints and the personal attacks in the post that keep most of them from being posted, not the links. Since you all know the rules over at Dispatch, here is a little tip for you. If you make a comment that contains links, highlight and copy the post just before you try to post it. Then if the post isn’t posted immediately, remove the links and then repost the info with just a Google description on how to find the site.

    I noticed the new local “Saul Aliwinsky” thing is to refer everyone to Clarence Jones since he is supposed to be the conscious of MLK. I doubt he has the “deep understanding” of King that you all now claim. He’s one person. There are many more people that knew and marched with MLK that believes just the opposite of Mr. Jones. It’s odd that he says the MLK would call for an end to welfare since welfare was around in MLK’s day and he didn’t call for an end to it then. But I guess you all would grab onto that little tidbit since it supports your notion that only black people get welfare.

    I think the selection of McQueen and Liddell had more to do with their appointments to the interim positions and the fact that many of the best qualified candidates dropped out of consideration, more than race. However, I know how you guys will see everything. I know you all are just waiting “to take the city and the country back”? It’s just killing you to see black folk in charge of anything. Now, do you think the school board attorney got reappointed because he was the devil that they knew or was that because of race?

    Frankly Thom, I believe before you whine so much about race, you should take a look in your own mirror. You can say what you want, but in my opinion, based on my observations on the web, you are about as prejudice as they come.


  4. Raider Says:

    It’s been three days and you haven’t posted any of those hateful names you accuse me of calling the former chief. I am pretty sure that you have gone and search the CD site for the incriminating dirt and it appears that you have found nothing of the sort. I believe the honorable thing for you to do is apologize for your libelous accusations.


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