At Week’s End for May 18, 2012

Oh, What a Week it Was!

Lowndes County politics is often feast or famine, and this week was a prime example of the area at its crazy, busy best.  Starting with a school board meeting that went from boring to interesting in the span of sixty seconds to a city council meeting that ensured that we are not going to see anyone’s underwear in the near future, these were a strange and eclectic five days.

Monday’s school board meeting was the usual cut-and-paste collection of awards and reports, when, suddenly, it all became very interesting.  When the matter of whether to renew the contract of the board’s attorney took center stage, the meeting took on a curious feel.  Regardless of what is being said by the board members, three of them are uncomfortable with either David Dunn or how he had been appointed.

In a world where timing is everything, the triad of Jason Spears, Currie Fisher and Aubra Turner seem to be willing to roll the dice right before one of the biggest decisions this particular board will ever face – naming the next school superintendent.  At any other time, dragging their feet in appointing an attorney would be less dramatic.  However, next week they will face the make or break moment of their professional lives, and if it all explodes in their face, the man who has been charged with providing legal representation just received a vote of “no confidence”, regardless of how they try to “sugar coat” the obvious.

Speaking to Ms. Currie after Tuesday’s city council meeting, she is confident that everything will be okay, and, for the city’s sake, we hope she is right.  All five board members have heaped praise on Mr. Dunn; unfortunately that cannot change the cold, hard facts.  As the board faces a critical decision, they cannot agree on the simple matter of legal representation.

And, to make matters worse, they have no plan to address this – no date to advertise, no date to appoint, no date to do anything.  As the future of the Columbus Municipal School District hangs in the balance, this is not acceptable.  If this board does not demonstrate greater vision, it will only be a matter of time before they fall into the disarray that has plagued several other boards that serve this community.  Let’s pray that this does not come to pass, because the stakes are way too high.

Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting was living proof that “no good deed goes unpunished.”   For the second straight meeting, the board has tabled a decision on the “Summer Work” program – not because they can’t agree on what to do, but because they have been unable to figure out a way to protect themselves from the very people they are trying to help.  It is evident that, in the past, some of the summer work participants have filed unemployment claims after the project was completed.  And, even though this is, technically, their right, it has basically destroyed the program.  Some of the very people who have benefited from the program, have killed “the goose that laid the golden egg.”

The stark reality is that these programs are, primarily, a nice way to employee young people, over the summer.  The world is not a better place because these individuals are performing “Rocket Science” for the community. These are nice, entry-level jobs, which help the young people of our community.  It is a shame that a “few” have destroyed the program for the “many”, who just want to work for the summer.  But, that is the cold reality and it is a shame.

Tuesday’s city council meeting was a mixture of the good and bad in our community.  We can now all rest comfortably, now, knowing that young people, everywhere, will be pulling up their pants.  However, the simple truth is that the community is fearful of crime and until they are assured that they are safe, it will be impossible for them to relax.  The “sagging pants” law is just window dressing to cover the greater problem that the community is frightened about crime.

The public forum that is being called for by Lynn Nordquist and the Columbus Facebook Watch group is a good start.  The community has the right to feel safe, and open communication is the only answer.  Let’s hope that the mayor and every city council member attend.  If they are absent, it shows a lack of concern that should not be ignored by voters, come election time.

Crime is everyone’s problem.  The media, the government, the police department and the citizens all have to be engaged.  Only a commitment from each will solve the problem. Period.

And, in the excitement of a world of no drooping pants, let’s not forget the real voice of reason – Berry Hinds.  He is correct in saying that each city council member should release a report, through the media, detailing how they spent the money in their wards.  This idea made several councilmen uneasy, especially Ward 6 Councilman Bill Gavin, but it something that needs to be done.

Council members should not be afraid to show the citizens where the money is spent.  Berry gave them a June 30 deadline.  Let’s see what happens.  Transparency in government!  What a wonderful concept!

Joseph B. St. John

Mr. MoJo Rising

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4 Comments on “At Week’s End for May 18, 2012”

  1. paul Says:

    Joe, Are you now picking on Bill Gavin. Why not check into Big “K” and Jumping Joe Mickins. What do they do with their money? 7th Ave is still 7th Ave. You can’t sugar coat it and new lights doesn’t cover up the ugly night life in that district. I heard tell that Joe Mickins told another councilman he was a prophet of God and could cause bad things to happen. There may be some truth to that. Look at what has happen to this little town since he has beem in office. We need more like Berry Hinds to run for office. He is one of a very few that wants transparence of any kind. How about it Berry – go for it !


  2. ed Says:

    The city school board is a lost cause! This deal will turn out like the police chief. Remember that screw up ? Where do these people come from? As you stated: This is not the time to change horses in the middle if the stream. Or words to that respect. This is another smoke screen to cover up what is for real. Is little Bernie heading this one up?


  3. ed Says:

    I heard about Joe Mickens telling he was a Prophet of God also. He also said God would punish anyone that was against him. Why not ask him about. A Prophet wouldn’t lie !


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