Lowndes County Supervisors Meeting of May 7, 2012

If everything goes according to plan, all road crew workers in Lowndes County will receive yearly drug tests and be subjected to random testing, quarterly.  Presently, employees are required to submit to testing, only if their name is selected randomly.  Concerns about the drug testing arose when District 4 Supervisor Jeff Smith mentioned the rash of accidents that have occurred over the past few weeks.  Smith wanted reassurances that the County Road Department was properly trained to handle large emergencies.

After Road Department Supervisor Ronnie Burns assured everyone that the department was receiving adequate training, the conversation turned to drug testing.  Board President Harry Sanders pointed out that, at the present time, Road Department personnel were receiving random drug testing, which led to some people being tested “three times a year, and others not being tested at all.” Add to this, the possibility that some employees were “ducking” the process, altogether, by calling in sick during the testing period, and all four board members present (Supervisor Brooks was not in attendance) voted to tighten up the process.  Everyone at the table felt that this would ensure that every Road Department employee would be drug tested at least once a year.

Also, the board voted to re-pave and repair Hargrove Road, which had allegedly been damaged during the construction of the Section 42 project.  The unanimous vote focused on fixing the damaged areas of the street and then billing the company that had done the Section 42 work, since it was required to be bonded, to ensure that any damage caused would be repaired.  Burns and his crew will complete the project in the very near future.


A motion to discuss a summer hiring program was tabled.

In addition, a public hearing was scheduled for June 4, 2012, at 9:15am, to address issues at 245 Belle Circle, which is regarded as being unkempt, and at 78 Mohave Lane, which has been burned out


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One Comment on “Lowndes County Supervisors Meeting of May 7, 2012”

  1. Jeff Conwill Says:

    i think even elected office holders should have to take drug test random as well


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