District 4 Water Connection Meeting Held

April 18, 2012

Columbus, MS, Mississippi, MS

The final public hearing for the residents of Frisco Road, Christian Circle, and East Railroad Drive was held on Tuesday, April 17, at The National Guard Armory, to discuss the application for a grant to receive funding for a water connection. Currently these residents use shallow wells as their water source. “It is important that we get the community on board with this project. We are having problems with wells becoming shallow and dry,” said Jeff Smith Supervisor District 4.

George Crawford, of Golden Triangle Planning and Development, opened the meeting by going over the plan and grant application process. A competitive process, the goal is to achieve a Community Zone Block Program grant. “The last funded project was the health department. Getting a full grant of $600,000 dollars; the project was closed out a year or so ago and should not prohibit us from applying. It is now off the record”-Patsy Patterson administrator for the Health Department building project.

The water level in this area keeps dropping, and before long people could run out of water, altogether. If everything goes as planned, the project will be underway this time next year. “We are asking these people to write letters to County Supervisors, expressing the need of water; anybody who hasn’t done so, needs to” said George Crawford.

After the meeting, I met with two residents who are hoping their public testimony will open people’s eyes as to how serious this actually is.

“I have been there 12 years, and I am tired. I have to deal with my shallow well every year. If I don’t have water …I have to tote water. Hail, sleet, or snow. I have three kids, and trying to get them bathed – sometimes the water just stops. You can actually taste the rust in our water”. Pricilla Sherrod

“I have been completely out of water for 13 months. I had to leave my home. My house is just sitting there, rotting. After going through three wells I tried to get emergency funding and was denied,” stated Laura Pullam.

Molly Murphree is a resident of Columbus who enjoys reading, cooking, cake decorating, and spending time with her family. She is a member of Lighthouse Baptist Church

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