Columbus Police Officer on Leave, After Shooting Suspect; Columbus Police Department Tight-lipped

A Columbus Police officer, who has not yet been identified, has been placed on administrative leave with pay, after an incident, early Monday morning, in which a suspect was shot.

The incident, which took place in the 1700 block of Wheat Street, was the culmination of a search for a green Honda Accord, which may have been connected to an earlier burglary.

As officers approached the Accord, both occupants exited the vehicle.  When ordered to get back in the vehicle, the passenger fled on foot.  The driver, 22-year-old Jequanta Harris was shot for failure to comply with the officers’ instructions.  During a subsequent search of the Accord, a gun was found inside of the vehicle.

Harris was taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle, and then later transferred to University Hospital, in Jackson.

As shocking as the incident itself, is the fact that CPD did not release this information to all media outlets until they were contacted by representatives of these publications.

Yes, that’s correct – an officer with the Columbus Police Department shot a man within the Columbus city limits, and another suspect is still at-large, but the CPD apparently concluded that there was no need to alert the community to this serious public safety issue.

Why is the Columbus Police Department withholding information from the community – information that citizens could use to help protect themselves? Perhaps we should ask Chief Selvain McQueen.  The telephone number for the Columbus Police Department is 662-244-3500.

We will update this story, when additional details become available.

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20 Comments on “Columbus Police Officer on Leave, After Shooting Suspect; Columbus Police Department Tight-lipped”

  1. Jeff Conwill Says:

    starting to sound like folks better watch out for the police too !! shot because your buddy ran and you don’t do what the officer told you to do sounds like this one wont be good for the CPD hope they tell the whole story soon as the rummers are flying already and don’t sound good the new get tuff on crime do as told or get shot


  2. charles divel Says:

    Take their time on comment, so they have time to fabricate a good story. Coverup.


  3. Raider Says:

    From the phrasing you used, sounds like the CPD released the information to the press but they did not call you? Is that correct? Which press organizations were contacted and which were not?

    As far as what happened, from the minute I read the story, I wondered, what did the driver do to deserve to be shot. Sounds like a trigger happy officer to me. I hope there are more to the story to justify shooting the guy other than his partner ran.


    • The Real Story Says:

      We can’t speak for any other media organizations, especially in regards to what information they did or didn’t receive. We can, however, confirm that we did not receive a press release on the incident, and we are, most certainly, not happy about this situation.


  4. Randy Putnam Says:

    I think this police action is long overdue. In Columbus, there is little respect for law & order. Police are trained, and paid, to be POLICE. If you’re a law abiding citizen, there’s no reason to run from law enforcement.


    • Jeff Conwill Says:

      randy i am a law abiding citizen with no criminal record and was harassed by a officer for 3 years of the sheriffs dpt that ended after i took them to fed court all because he claims i was seen in a high drug area all the time hard not to when thats were your home thats paid for for 15 years is sad part i had to move from there to another home just to have peace in my life and i have never lived there agin and wont so trust who and why


  5. Steve Carter Says:

    There’s a huge difference between Conservative and Fascist. The time is approaching fast when the general public will take their constitutional rights back from the Gestapo. And they will do it by shooting back at the same bastards that carry badges and guns. You have NO RIGHT to fire a weapon at ANYONE for simply not following the orders of a thug with a badge and a gun!


  6. Steve Carter Says:

    A fanatic with a badge and a gun doesn’t protect you…Rather you are protected more perfectly by treating your fellow Souls with Compassion and Love. How is this accomplished? you may ask. “You shall reap what you sow”. The average Baptist Cult will conveniently ignore this fact but it is non the less true. You cannot enslave the world with Guns and Bombs and expect to keep their hearts captive as well. Right-Wing fanaticism is a bigger danger to our freedom than some kid smoking pot or living their lives in a manner that others either don’t approve of or simply don’t understand. North Korea?…Libya?….Iraq? ……These are not anything to worry about. It is the wealthy who push this propaganda to you as an excuse to take more of your money and more of your freedom. They are the true enemy! Unrestrained Greed! Billionaires who argue that they shouldn’t even have to pay minimum wage!
    And who enforces the new order? Thugs with a badge and a gun and corrupt judges who violate our rights without consequence. These are the true terrorists! However, The consequences are fast approaching. To those in law enforcement: The time is at hand when the metal detectors at the court house, bullet-proof vests, tazers and pepper spray won’t save you from your crimes. People will soon fight back with the same weapons against you. And they will do so by the thousands. If I see a cop shot in the head and anyone asks me to testify I shall respond “I didn’t see a thing!”


    • kenserv Says:

      Carter, you are one sick puppy. Hope you get help soon.


    • Bob Says:

      You people make me sick you call the police when you need help and then run them in the dirt when they do there job to protect dumb people like y’all. Thanks randy putnam for I feal the same way. Steve carter you need a brain you spineless looser. And as for you St.John, you hired the Officer. Try putting the truth in your paper.


      • The Real Story Says:

        We understand your frustration with the scantness of details in our article. Please understand that we are only able to draw upon the information provided to us by the Columbus Police Department’s Public Information Officer, even when that information casts the officer in question in an unflattering light.

    • Tammy Says:

      Mr. Carter, there are no words to describe just how evil your last comment was! I hope you never are placed in a situation like that! My husband any many of our friends are law enforcement and no one needs to be treated the way they are just because things don’t go peachy! If you thought your life was on the line you would take whatever means necessary to ensure that you got to go home to your family. That is exactly what this officer did! And no im sure all of the information has not been released due to the on going investigation as is procedure. I don’t know what makes you people think that you are privy to that kind of information… When the investigation is over I’m sure the police dept will release the information.


      • Jeff Conwill Says:

        tammy no disrespect to you or your husband but till you work as a police officer not just live with one or have friends that are i promise you don’t have the full story of all that go’s on in law enforcement it’s a system that is broke and needs fixed its a system that has evolved from serve and protect into many officers that enjoy the power over people it’s not a easy job as many think many things you have to deal with are unpleasant and sometimes eat at your heart and it takes a special person to be able to cope with it but there are rouges and other officers that just are not cut out for the job because they do love the power over people and give no respect but they demand it hmm i have been involved in a officer related shooting i was not the one who shot the subject but was on duty at the scene it was justified and it is a long process but the only ones that do know the truth are the officer and the subject that was shot i hope that this officer was justified in this and is cleared but only time will tell but there are some things about this that do sound troubling as well but thats up to the investigation process to render it’s opinion

    • Street King Says:

      For starters, Harris was not shot simply for failure to obey an officer. If you all really believe that, then you are a prime example of “sheeple”. There is much more to this than that. The public will cling to the first headline they see and the trial starts. It’s pathetic. Mr. Carter, if Columbus, Ms were to host a parade for pathetic people, you’d be the Grand Master!!!!


  7. 5 0 Says:

    To start citizens of Columbus don’t know how really bad it is in the City of Columbus. There are a few citizens that know some of what is going on due to connections in higher places. Yes the police will use deadly force in the city limits if it is for a justifiable reason. The media don’t get facts on the use of deadly force due to an investigation must take place to get all the facts. Unlike the media law enforcement puts facts out. The media will make something up the sell papers and to get their rating up. Further more if you are a Thug and don’t like the police getting in your business. Then maybe it’s time to stop committing crime or go some where you think you want have to deal with the police. The few good citizens of Columbus don’t need you anyhow dragging the city down anymore.


  8. charles divel Says:

    I believe I made a statement here awhile back. “disgruntled police will result in more cop shootings.” Not sure about this shooting but how about the fearless leader Joe Johnson,assistant police chief, accidentaly shooting a subject?


  9. charles divel Says:

    I should have added Johnson’s shooting resulted in the subject being killed. Maybe cheaper than this latest cop shooting since there is an awesome hospital bill as well as medivac I imagine. Who gets to pay that bill? Innocent citizens? I believe lesser rash of incidents have resulted in national attention including news coverage and federal investigations.


    • Jeff Conwill Says:

      i would love to see a federal investigation into many departments in columbus and other departments in this area i just don’t think they would fair well and that go’s for the judges and legal system there are some great officers out there but so overshadowed by the ones that think there not bound by the law or constitution more go’s on then most could even think would be allowed to take place but it dose everyday and night but i will say are new sheriff is a fine man he was fair as a judge and i hope and pray that his morals have followed him to the LCSO


      • Street King Says:

        I would love for people who claim to be police officers to write intelligently. “Go’s”? Really? A period is wonderful thing, use one at least once. I’m not just picking on you. “5 0” was not any better.

  10. Jeff Conwill Says:

    well i guess i failed english agin street king


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