Update on the Monday Morning Water Cooler Talk for April 2, 2012

In the “Monday Morning Water Cooler Talk for April 2, 2012”, I wrote:

The Caledonia gathering met with the same response.  Harry “owned” the crowd; thirteen years of service go a long way in a close community.  Even when matters turned a little rough, things were smoothed over, in short order.  The $100,000 that was earmarked to build a community center in Caledonia was shipped to Crawford to build the nice facility that had served as the venue for Crawford town meeting, the night before.

Instead of the crowd turning on Harry, he re-directed the focus back on the City officials, by pointing out the fact that the town had refused the money.  The crowd quickly turned against the City officials, and it will probably not be the last time this issue comes up.  However, no blame will be laid at Harry’s feet; it certainly wasn’t that night.

After Tuesday’s Caledonia Town Hall Meeting, I was approached by Alderman Brenda Willis  She brought me a letter from December 3, 2010 that she felt explained the situation about the community center in more detail.  She believed that it would show that the situation was a little more complicated than the article made it seem.

I appreciate Ms. Willis’ candor; and, we are posting the letter, below.  At The Real Story, it is imperative that we give everyone an equal voice – all of the time.


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2 Comments on “Update on the Monday Morning Water Cooler Talk for April 2, 2012”

  1. Glenn Palmer Says:

    FYI, Mrs. Willis’ name is Brenda, not Glenda. Unless it has changed since she taught school.


    • The Real Story Says:

      Thank you so much!

      In reviewing my paperwork, I copied her name off of the letter Jeff Smith had sent Jeff Doty. Mr. Smith had listed her as Glenda. Correction made!!



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