At Week’s End for March 16, 2012

Beginning with the next print edition of The Real Story, we are devoting at least one page to the North Mississippi “RANT.” It is your opportunity to share your views and opinions with the community:  What you love, what you hate, and what needs to be fixed.

It will be a “no-holds-barred, rock & roll extravaganza”.  You can be liberal, conservative or libertarian.  But, let your voice be heard.  We want state and local politics, and we want national opinions.  But, most importantly, we want you to blast away!

This new section is not meant to replace letters to the editors or articles that readers would like to submit.  It is just an open forum, where we let the good times roll.  We will start with two readers, each of whom have concerns about their community and are ready to speak out.

Whether you read it in The Real Story or saw it somewhere else, feel free to comment about what you feel strongly about.  This section will not be for the faint of heart.

Here is the first edition and the start of the North Mississippi Rant:

I have great concern that the Lowndes County School Board is going to support the unconstitutional law allowing prayer in schools. Indeed, the School Board was addressing the topic of prayer, and the Board’s support of the unconstitutional law that is working its way through the Legislature, in Jackson, and is, so far, un-named. It is going to be called either “the Religious Viewpoints Anti-Discrimination Act” (RVADA) or the “Schoolchildren’s Religious Liberties Act” (SRLA). Whatever they call it, it is illegal, 

This topic dominated the other “important” issue addressed during the meeting – the “New Curriculum.” Reported by the Commercial Dispatch in their Saturday, March 10, 2012 edition as “other news,” this little “New Curriculum” matter was intended to pay lip service to promoting a nationwide educational standard. “Elementary Coordinator Dr. Robin Ballard,” was quoted as saying this “New Curriculum” concept would “affect every principal, every child, every parent, every room.” Dr. Ballard sounds like a dedicated soldier for the County schools, and must have tapped her foot mightily to play second fiddle to the religious agenda of this board.

This is the sort of legislative soap box-shouting these elected officials must engage in to be re-elected. Who wants an anti-God school board member? “Damn the torpedoes, and the First Amendment to the Constitution (and any child who may worship another God), let’s cram Christianity down their throats at school (or ostracize/bully them into it).” School board president Jane Kilgore says “I think that’s a great idea. God needs to be brought back into the schools.” These so-called “free prayer laws” are designed to do just that, and any elected Board member must agree, or face life off of the Board. (There was one abstention in this 4-0 decision – the lone abstention called by name).

When will our school officials put education first? When will Mississippians realize that our forefathers and immigrants today came/come from diverse socio-economic and religious backgrounds?

India’s population is projected to overtake China’s, soon. In this digital age, with a world that gets smaller every day, it seems like our educators would promote an education for all of our citizens, and leave the religion for the families to enjoy, on whatever religious day their religion desires. Such myopic thought as the likes of RVADA/SRLA imperils the very children the board is charged with educating and promotes the bigoted agenda of our elected officials.

– A Very Concerned Citizen

Why is it that we hear, every day, that yet another convicted criminal, even the mayor’s son, is allowed on the streets of Columbus and in possession of a deadly weapon? And, why did the Chief not tell a local media outlet (The Commercial Dispatch)? Would a child of an ordinary citizen get such treatment?  Or, is this special treatment?

In regard to the bomb threats at Columbus High School, can anyone else see that the main problem is kids with cell phones at the school?  No child needs a cell phone or iPod at school.  They are there to learn. Period!  Administrators put up with way too much from the students.

-Jim Dierking

So, there you go.  Let us hear your comments and concerns, and they will be posted in next week’s issue.  You can post here or send your “Rant” to

We are ready for the action!

Joseph B. St. John

Mr. MoJo Rising

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One Comment on “At Week’s End for March 16, 2012”

  1. John Dorroh Says:

    In response to what I read about Robin Ballard’s New Curroiuculum, well, guess what….there IS a new movement (yet another one) that is being phased in. If what she was referring to is the Common Core standards, she is right — it will affect everyone!

    I will not say anything else about the Common Cores standards at this time, because I’m not sure if that is what she was talking about. Someone let me know.

    Thanks, JD


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