Real Story 2013 Prospect Spotlight: Frank Herron

March 8, 2012


 Frank Herron: Aspiring To Be Great

Division One coaches hit the recruiting trail every year looking for versatile athletes that can play several positions. They normally are smaller athletes that play skill positions, like: quarterback, running back, wide receiver, or defensive back. Frank Herron, a player hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, bucks that trend. The 6’4, 245 pound defensive end/defensive tackle/linebacker is becoming one of the biggest names on the recruiting trail because of his versatility.

Herron’s athleticism extends farther than the football field. He stars for Memphis Central’s basketball team, as well – averaging 12 points and 15 rebounds per game.

I spoke with Herron, recently, to discuss his versatility, the exposure he is receiving, and his recruitment.

The coaching staff at Memphis Central recognized the versatility of Herron and created a new position for him called “Cowboy”, a hybrid defensive end/outside linebacker. He lines up at more than just those positions. The explosive athlete can be seen playing three-technique defensive tackle, five-technique defensive end, or outside covering the flats.

“Coach [Brian] Williams moved me to a new position. My position is called Cowboy, a defensive end/outside linebacker. I’m so versatile, sometimes I go cover a guy or move out and act like I’m blitzing –  cover the flats. Most of the time I rush the edge; I have great contain,” said Herron, on the role he plays.

“[It was] a role that was created for me, because I’m so versatile. They can use me in so many ways. I can come down in the three-technique or I can go out. You never know what I’m doing.”

Herron excelled, during the 2011 season, in the new role. He finished the season with 57 tackles, seven tackles for loss, and seven sacks.

The Warriors had a disappointing season, though, going 3-7. Once the football season was over, Herron re-joined the basketball team. He talked about how basketball helps him with football.

“Basketball helps a lot with agility. Basketball helps with coordination, in ways  you can’t get on the football field,” Herron said.

Major college programs have definitely taken notice of Herron’s talents. He sports seventeen offers from schools that include: Arkansas, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Mississippi State, and Clemson.

Herron attributes a lot of his exposure to the Warriors’ coaching staff, in particular Coach Williams, the team’s defensive coordinator.

“Coach Williams works hard. He’s on the phone two and three o’clock in the morning, trying to get schools to look at me. He works hard and I appreciate that – it says a lot about his character. Coach [Rod] Gaston does a lot. They stay on me about my grades. They want me to succeed in life,” said Herron.

The offers are flattering for a player with the talent of Herron, but he hasn’t decided when he will choose a college.

“I’m in basketball season. My mom and I were thinking about making a decision right after basketball season. We are just going to sit down and take our time on it,” Herron said.

“I’m not sure I want to get the process over with, early. I’m just going to take my time on it, and see where the Lord takes me.”

Herron discussed which position he is being recruited to play, and what he wants in a college.

“They are recruiting me to be an athlete. It’s a big responsibility, but I can live up to it” said Herron.

“I’m an athlete; I really don’t care—just put me anywhere I will play it”.

Frank Herron will be one of the hottest names in recruiting up until Signing Day 2013. He isn’t complacent with where he is now. The Memphis Central standout is planning to be one of the best.

“They [are] getting an athlete, a humble kid, and I’m hungry. I’m good, but I am aspiring to be great. I want to get better. I try to get better everyday. I’m a great teammate; I try to encourage people. Even if I don’t have my best game, I still try to contribute, “Herron said.

Here are some highlights of Herron playing football:

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