Monday Morning Water Cooler Talk for February 27, 2012

Just some random musings for the morning:

Why is it that only movies I have never heard of win at the Oscars?

Who is the “real” Republican Candidate for 2012?

Is gas really going to be $5.00 a gallon?

Why is gas so expensive in Lowndes County?

Why do we only talk about the school system when it is in crisis?

I liked it better when we celebrated Washington and Lincoln’s Birthday.  Not all presidents need a holiday.

How does WikiLeaks get all that information?

Are vegans really happy?  I must have a hamburger!

How do the NASCAR drivers use the bathroom during the races?

Is ANYONE paying attention to Middle East?

Well that’s enough for now.  It may seem like a slow news cycle for Lowndes County, but wait… this is just the calm before the storm.  Budget time is coming and that means it could get very crazy for the city.  Let’s wait and see!



Feel free to add to the list or even answer a few questions.  Interactive is what it is all about!

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6 Comments on “Monday Morning Water Cooler Talk for February 27, 2012”

  1. Sean Breslin Says:

    Love it. I will say this — if I couldn’t eat a burger every now and then, I would be a very unhappy man.


  2. will Says:

    Can we NOW have some NEWS other than MSU loosing (not winning) all the time. There are 2 – 3 other SEC teams we would like to hear from. OK Joe ?????????


  3. randy Says:

    How do NASCAR drivers use the bathroom? Really! Same as a Jet Fighter Pilot. They crap in their paints and keep on driving/ DUH ! Come on Joe. Where is the Middle East? South Alabama? Where is the good stuff we were to hear about. What about the CVB credit card new polocy? The over bid on the bridge to no where? The 1 million dollar over budget on the soccer fields(no body has told about) ? All the unrepaired streets in the City. Crime rate going up. All the stuff B3 won’t write about.


  4. sam Says:

    gas is so high in Lowndes county because there is a cartel among the gas companies in this area. That’s it in a nut shell. Greed greed greed.


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