Monday Morning Water Cooler Talk for February 20, 2012: We’ve Come a Long Way, But the Best is Yet to Come!

Sometime on Friday, February 17, 2012, the “little old website that could” received its 100,000th view, all-time!  It’s hard to believe that, in such a short time we have had so much web activity, but it is true.  Add that to the fact that we have printed two editions of our paper and anyone can see that a lot has happened since October 19, 2011.  There have been trials and tribulations, but we have made it to the point where we are all grown up.  Starting this Wednesday, The Real Story will be a weekly publication.

We will tackle the challenges of having a weekly paper and an up-to-date, interactive website, and the dedicated staff of Real Story Publishing (RSP) will make it happen.  Who would have thought, we would have made it this far and this fast?! We are committed to giving you the best stories we can deliver, in a fresh and sometime funny manner.

At this time, it’s important to reiterate what RSP is trying to accomplish.  First and foremost, we want to be a print publication that you can be proud of reading.  We want to be a paper that, if you mailed it to people who do not live in Lowndes County, you would be proud to call your hometown paper.

We will strive every week to be professional and literate.  We will not exploit the death and tragedy of others as a circus side show.  We will cover crime when it is appropriate, but our focus will be on politics, sports, fashion, lifestyle and culture. Often, the world of crime and politics collide and this has been true for the past several months.  However, politics will be the meat and potatoes of our organization.

We will cover some crime stories and, when it is appropriate, we will have crime in our print edition and on our website.  We will also continue to be interactive with the Crime Watch Facebook pages.  It is important to cover some criminal situations, but not to the point of exploitation.

You will not see a collection of random criminals smeared over our pages.  If we have to do that to survive, we will fold.  RSP understands that our community is full of bright, intelligent people, who love politics, sports and life.  And, we plan to serve that part of our community and do it with pride.

If you want to see a collection of people walking around with their shirts or pants off, you will not find it here.  It is not our goal and it never will be.  If we have to exploit the already shamed, we will stop publication TODAY!

This Wednesday’s print edition will feature two of the most powerful men in all of Northern Mississippi: Leroy Brooks and Harry Sanders. Both men are as straightforward and direct as anyone who has ever served in office, anywhere.  Their understanding of what is happening in our community and their relationship are part of our town’s mythology.

We look forward to serving this community for a very long time and we are ready for a long, hard battle to get in all the stores we need to be in, thus making our publication easier to access.  We know it is a challenge, but we are ready for the fight, a fight we know we will win.

The folks of RSP are a proud, hard-working team who are ready to give it all to make us a success.  We strive to serve and we hope to please everyone with our efforts. We’re going to be around for a long time, and the best is yet to come!

Joseph B. St. John

A/K/A Mr. MoJo Rising

Also, on a personal note:  If you want to know what MOJO is doing or thinking just call me at 662-497-2914.  I am always me!


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