Monday Morning Water Cooler Talk (Sorta)… It is Wednesday Right??

February 8, 2012


It’s Wednesday and the paper is out!!!!  Issue Two should already be on your newsstand by the time you read this post.  Our Facebook page,, will be keeping you up to date on all of the locations you can buy our publication.  Again, we are excited and we thank everyone for their overwhelming support.

If you were not able to put your hands on the first edition, our website has made it available to our readers in its entirety.   Just click, and read all that you might have missed.  We hope this inspires you to pick up our newest addition.

A lot has changed at Real Story Publishing (RSP) since our inception.  One of these changes has been our coverage of sports and lifestyles.  When this website started, many people believed that it was just going to be a crazy, old, defrocked police chief yelling at the government.  If that was all this website provided, it would have died months ago.

Sports are huge in our region and I would like to thank Jeremiah Short for his excellent coverage.  And, we must have hit the big time.  On February 1, 2012, we had our best day ever with 2,441 views for the day.  It was fueled by a story we wrote months ago, about MSU Football Coach Dan Mullen.  You can find it here,  Apparently, a pro-Ole Miss website found our article and added it as a link, and now our little ole website has blown up.

Add politics and lifestyles, and last week we had our best week ever.  We had 10,760 views for the week.  Not bad for a website that did not exist on October 18, 2011. The most important part of this success is that without your support, The Real Story is NOTHING!!!!!  We will never forget that!

We thank everyone who reads our website and our newspaper, and let’s keep rocking C-town and beyond.

Joseph B. St. John

A/K/A Mr. MoJo Rising

About The Real Story

The Real Story for the Golden Triangle and North Mississippi. Always the truth... No Compromise. Changing the community one story at a time! You make the news... We keep it Real.

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2 Comments on “Monday Morning Water Cooler Talk (Sorta)… It is Wednesday Right??”

  1. ted Says:

    where is all the real story? not much here! I am going to try the paper one more time. If no more than this I will be done.


  2. danny Says:

    Today I picked up a packet at Walmart in West Point. I got all the news about the City and what is going on with The Real Story. Is all this junk true ? Who is this Gregg guy? What is the REAL STORY on him. Is he from Columbus and why was he fired. Joe you need to tell your side good or bad. I had high hopes of your paper making the grade, but ! We need to hear the truth from someone. You did promise !


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