Guns, Weed, & Big Screen TVs

February 5, 2012


            The recent string of burglaries may be coming to an end! With an evidence room so full of stolen property and drug-related items, one could hardly walk and it was evident that the LCSO had done a remarkable job.  Among those recovered items were several big screen television sets, handguns, hunting bows and arrows, stereo systems, video gaming systems, and video games, as well as laptop and desktop computers. Deputies verified that the marijuana in the room was close to eight pounds, with a street value of up to $12,000 dollars. The crowded room also had other drug paraphernalia, digital scales, and a stack of hundred-dollar bills that appeared to be in the amount of well over $1000.

            Newly elected Sheriff Mike Arledge stated that the majority of items were obtained within the past week. He went on to say, “The majority of it was recovered yesterday.” (Feb. 2). Arledge also stated that there were three separate search warrants and searches from three different residences and that more arrests are to come through tips from the community, but he would not release any more information, due to the ongoing investigation.

            It was stated during the press release, that all suspects who were arrested in these burglaries were still in custody and no bond has been set for any of them at this time.

            “Good old fashioned hard police work”, according to Arledge lead to the arrests, saying that there have been 20 arrests during the last 18 days and they are looking at many more.

 The following individuals were arrested in conjunction with this operation: Adrian Erby, Timothy Ross, Marcus Ross and Kelly Johnson.

From Staff Report

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6 Comments on “Guns, Weed, & Big Screen TVs”

    • The Real Story Says:

      I will check this out and answer you soon!!!



    • The Real Story Says:

      Sorry for the delay. It is time that every person in this community begins to watch what is happening to this city and county. Many of the leaders have absolutely no concern for the community or the people who live here. If we, the people, do not take this community back from its so-called elected leaders today, there will be nothing left for our children.
      Regardless of our industrial growth, people are fleeing the city and county. That is a fact. People are not happy with the overall direction the city is going, and if anyone has the guts to stand up to Robert on the council they need to do it NOW or there will be nothing left of the city.
      I can’t talk about the lawsuit – I was part of it. However, no one has called me yet to tell me anything about it. What else can I say!!! That should say it all!



  1. John A. Andresen Says:

    Thanks You Sheriff force good for the good work may by we can leave our guns at home. now if the city police can take a good exampe of the fine work the sherriff dept has done keep u[p the good Mike.and your boys


  2. Says:

    Someone needs to look into the current Chief of Police. The crime rate only went up after he got appointed. He has friends from Memphis!!


  3. St John for President Says:

    I dont know the situation with these three but I can say from experience Lowndes County has an horrible court system and turn around. Im sure its not only LC but a majority of the south. Crimes are committed to which the criminals never have to accept punishment. There presently is an 3 year drug charge that nothing has been done about yet. The courts allow the lawyer and his client to continue cases for years, in hope that the client can scratch the back of the law. Thats the problem with most crime now. You go 55 in a 30mph zone your paying that fine BUT you can be charged with precursors, out on bond for attempted murder and your trial is continued over and over. Unfortunately the courts, etc do not realize it is more that just the one who commits the crime that can be affected. The family should not have to worry about weither or not they will have a dad this time next year or if he will be incarcerated. If your going to punish them PUNISH THEM! DO NOT keep putting it off. If they are innocent THEY ARE INNOCENT!!! It should all be there in BLACK AND WHITE! Come on!!!


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