To the CCVB: Please Get a Lawyer Fast

If there was ever a group in the history of humanity who needed to hire a lawyer, it is the CCVB. Last night’s meeting continued to be a “battle royal” with enough comedy to fill 20 Mel Brooks’ movies. Like a bad acid trip, it all starts out fine and then collapses into an abyss of chaos and confusion. People are yelling, threats are made, and finally and mercifully it comes to an end. And, when you try to write about it, the experience is too horrible to recall.

However, somewhere in the perplexity, a meeting was held. I am not sure when or why, but the rules for getting cash was changed for the 300th time — and even people on the board were questioning the who, what, when, where and why of the changes, or was it a modification or a revisitation? No one is for sure, but like a car wreck in NASCAR, no one could turn away from the action.  It was a metaphorical train wreck; everyone was aghast, and there was no shortage of rubbernecking.

A cast of innocent victims paraded before the glass menagerie of insanity, asking for some greenbacks to do their gigs. But, with no rules or order, it just led to nervous laughter — until Leroy Brooks got so hot, he called the board out on it. Never one to leave a challenge undone, Leroy felt it was about race. However, most of us sitting in the audience knew it was about insanity and the fact that there are no rules. No rules for the white, the black or the Asian, just the simple pleasure of being waterboarded for a few bucks.

As a matter of fact, as the meeting progressed, many in the audience questioned if perhaps on the way to the CCVB meeting, we had all been in a fiery car accident and died. And, no angel had the decency to tell us we were in hell. But if there is a fiery hell of torment, this meeting would surely be a fitting part of the punishment.

Someone said the word “budget”, and loud yells and gnashing of teeth could be heard from the board members. And somehow, a businessman of great importance thought it was ok to buy a family member dinner on the taxpayers’ dime. Credit card receipts flew, and accusations were made.

The past director’s name was used in vain, and bad comments were made about a man who was not even there to defend himself. No one seemed to notice that he had just been accused of crimes in a public forum, and that if the accusations are true, someone has a lot of explaining to do — including this board.

More gavels pounded, accusations were made, and then… the attempted murder of this year’s budget. Only three months old, the budget was almost sacrificed like an Old Testament lamb.

The LINK was the evil empire, and Joe and Allegra and their staff watched diligently in between video games, texting and going to the bathroom. After much groaning and moaning, and at least five unnecessary filibusters, the limp attempt to take 50,000 dollars from the LINK failed.

The meeting moved ahead with tales of the glory days of yore: of fishing tournaments, conferences, pilgrimage, and about the good ole days when so many people flocked to Columbus that they had to keep the Welcome Center open eight days a week.

And finally — mercifully — it came to an end. I think. Or, they changed the rules again. I mean it was over. I think.  Well, I left anyway.

Mr. MoJo Rising

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10 Comments on “To the CCVB: Please Get a Lawyer Fast”

  1. robert Says:

    So what happen. Why was Joe and Allegra there? Who used the Director’s name in vain? Who was the Business Man? Who were in the PARADE? What did Leroy say and why? There is no MEAT in this story. I thought we were to get all the details and the dirt. All I know is there was another NON-PRODUCTIVE meeting of the CCVB. We all knew that would happen. We need to know who shot John, Joe or Whirley. Come on give the full story or you will be just like the other TWO papers


    • Joseph B. St. John Says:

      If you think my article was crazy, you should have seen the meeting. The Real Story is not going to put a happy face on a meeting that was nothing short of insane. But, I will try to answer your questions. Joe and Allegra were there, because obviously they felt Bernard Buckhalter was trying to take $50,000 from their LINK line item. Bart Wise started the accusations against the former director; however, after much screaming and infantile behavior, I’m not sure exactly who said what about which receipts — because the meeting is run like Barnum & Bailey — truly a 3-ring circus. Leroy was upset, because he understands that there are different rules for different people. Apparently, this causes him great distress. Also, it should be noted: it is hard to take notes when people are screaming at each other like a Romper Room gone mad. My job is not to report a meeting as if it were orderly, when clearly it was not. Here is the “meat” of the story: If the CVB does not hire a lawyer ASAP, they’re going to find themselves in a legal mess because of their lack of professionalism. I doubt they want to find themselves in a world of trouble in litigation.


  2. arnold Says:

    SHOCK !! The Disgrace had a long artical on the whole meeting.


  3. Victoria Says:

    Is there anyone in the community that would take charge of this disservice to the people of Columbus, and hold the committee’s feet to the fire with Roberts Rules of Order? These meetings should be conducted in the highest degree of civility, and serve the city, not the egos of those who have been trusted to serve and plan. It is an apt description to say this was a bad version of Romper Room, adults acting as spoiled
    children. Some people do not know that a position of trust is not the same as a position of power, or a contest for power. Anyone who cannot work with others to solve problems and make considered decisions should resign. There should be a lot of work done to keep records and details of decisions before any meeting begins. Printed
    audits and minutes of meetings should be necessary for any sane business to be done.


  4. george Says:

    With the make up of this board there is no way it can be successful. There is no leadership from any of the members. Mr George Swales is the only one that has made any head way. He can not do it alone. This board should be disolved completely and a new one put in it’s place. There is way too much politics is the make up of this board. Take the appointments away from the politicians. Like most things they will only screw it up. It will only get worse and reflects a bad image of Columbus. If we want Industry and more jobs we need to clean up this mess.


  5. David Says:

    Please do not give George Swales any pat on the back. He is Nancy Carpenter’s puppet and that is very obvious. He is certainly no leader and has no idea what Robert’s Rules of Order are.

    Columbus’ Circus Villainous Buffoons


  6. George Munson Says:

    Most assuredly you can bet that politics and commerce are working hand in hand in ole C-town. Mussolini and Hitler both had names for that…


  7. charles divel Says:

    CCVB is advertising for a lawyer in the paper. I bet there are dozens of good lawyers scanning the newspaper for a gig. When things don’t go Leroy’s way he hollers discrimination. Take the credit card away from that woman. It would be great if someone would follow up on the fines some officials owe to the taxpayers, to see if they have been paid. Leroy’s favorite reponse is ‘ I’m not paying it’.


  8. george Says:

    How can you spend $185.00 for 3 people for dinner. I’m pulling for Old Whirlie The Byrd on this one. But then again they do have a good Wine list. Can you say “Dumb A$$”.


  9. charles Says:

    As Mr sanders said – THEY can not tie their shoes.


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