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16 Comments on “Big Brother Is Watching Facebook”

  1. Bridget Smith Pieschel Says:

    Ron, I agree that government tracking of anything that an individual says or thinks should concern us all of us—there is a very fine line between protecting “the public” and infringing on our rights as citizens. I’m just surprised that YOU are surprised that government has been closely monitoring social media. It is so easy to obtain information through Facebook (and other less popular social media), that the government (including local law enforcement) would be foolish not to use information that people post about themselves and others. Whether or not it is ethical is another issue. For example, I assume that whenever I “like” a page or “support” a cause, that I am making a public record of that opinion, even if the general public can’t see my name. Electronic records are and have always been easily traceable. I also assume that if I pay dues to the ACLU, or another organization that could be considered “anti-government” or “anti-law,” I am making my name available to someone who could put me on a governmental “watch” list. Social Media isn’t any different from those types of paper/online records, except that this type of media is EASIER for strangers/entities to access.


  2. Kevin Gregg Says:

    I watch Big Brother! Sometimes on Facebook!


  3. Tommy Gentry Says:

    The Patriot Act was written long before the events at the Pentagon and Twin Towers. Its co-author was Michael Chertoff who was responsible for the persection of John Demjanjuk, falsely accusing him of being the mythical Ivan the Terrible of holocaust lore. And being involved in a conspiracy by the DOJ’s OSI to destroy exculpatory evidence that would have cleared him. Chertoff became the first minister of DHS.

    It makes one think that the events of flying 757s into buildings at NYC and DC mave have been staged by more that just 19 “Arabs” with boxcutters who had acquired their navigational and flying skills from from watching cockpit videos after a night out on the town of drinking and visiting strip joints.

    Leaving a copy of the Koran at the airports was the alleged “smoking gun.”


  4. Tommy Gentry Says:

    I wonder if Big Brothers has seen this video?

    We gotcha’ number, Big Brother.


  5. Tommy Gentry Says:


    Google “German 911 hip hop” at YouTube.com


    • Tommy Gentry Says:

      Hydroelectric power ?

      And what about the “Industrial-Grade Plastics Shredder” that Saddam Hussein sons allegedly fed their father’s political enemies into–feet first for his most-hated enemies, head first for the less-hated.

      I once asked a soldier if troops ever found the “Shredder..”. He said, “No, it was secretly hauled into Syria by his loyalists.”

      These troop TI&E classes pump out a lot of lies and disinformation.


  6. Tommy Gentry Says:

    While no one was looking, Winston Smith flushed the video down the “memory hole.”

    Or as the NYT would say, “the news wasn’t fit to print.”


  7. Tommy Gentry Says:

    911 Hip Hop


  8. Tommy Gentry Says:

    When Rumsfeld was asked about the absence of proof of such a “shredder,” ” he said:”Absence of proof is not proof of absence.”

    Sounds like a Jim Hood quote.


  9. Tommy Gentry Says:

    Big Brother is really gonna’ let the hammer down if newinternet censorship legislation is approved by our “kept” Congress.

    Be informed.



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