Reggie Kelly Aims To Start A Legacy

We have all heard the horror stories about former athletes struggling financially after their playing days have concluded; however, there are some athletes who are smart enough to make the correct moves to ensure long-term success. One player that fits the latter description is former Mississippi State Bulldog and current Atlanta Falcon, Reggie Kelly.

Reggie Kelly starts Kyvan line of products

Reggie Kelly starts Kyvan line of food products

Kelly has started a salsa and sauce product line called Kyvan, named after his two children — Kyla and Kavan. He and his wife have been working on the product since 2005.

“We actually started working on the project in 2005. [I] didn’t start selling any of the products until March of 2011. It’s been a lengthy process, but the dream has come to fruition now. Now we have the opportunity to start selling the product in Wal-Mart stores,” said Kelly.

He got the idea after people telling him for years how much they enjoyed Southern cuisine.

“I’ve held a couple of football camps down in my hometown [Aberdeen, MS]. So, whenever I have football camps, I invite my teammates from all over the country to help me out. Normally after the camps for the kids, I allow my family to cook for my teammates. They always are talking about how good the food is down south. It’s hard to do anywhere else. My wife and I came up with the idea, since people always talk about how good the food is down south. Why not take our family secrets and get them mass-produced and get them to retailers throughout the country?” said Kelly.

Kelly feels that Kyvan is a great way for him to transition from the football field.

“I’ve always had big dreams and aspirations. I was never set on doing one thing and putting a box around myself. I never knew how long I would play the game of football, but while I was playing, I always said I wanted to do other things. So, when I do decide to retire, I could fall back on those other things. I could have a smooth transition from football to my next line of business,” said Kelly.

Kyvan is independently family owned, and the recipes come from Kelly’s family secrets that were passed down to him by his elders. Some families don’t like sharing their secrets, but Kelly family was more than willing to share them.

“My folks — they love to cook. The elders like to pass down traditions or pass down legacies to the next generation. So, they didn’t have a problem passing out the family secrets. I got recipes from my mother, aunts, and wife. [I] just got those recipes together. They feel for the most part it’s going to represent our family well. They know I’m a guy of integrity, and I’m not going to jeopardize my family.”

Kelly’s hot and mild salsa is already featured in three Cincinnati locations and in Northeastern Mississippi stores. It will be available at Wal-Mart in Atlanta, Kentucky, and South Carolina on January 16th. The salsa will cost $3.99 at those Wal-Mart locations.

The Falcon Tight End also has other products that he is pitching to retailers. They are a line of sauces that include: Barbecue, Asian, Garlic, Hot wing, and Hot sauce. He has seasoning that goes along with those sauces as well.


Kyvan Tailgate Solutions - Salsa, Sauces and Seasoning

Kelly plans on doing several promotions for the products in the January launch cities. He will give samples and sign free autographs. The former Bulldog plans to post times and dates via Facebook, Twitter, and his website,

Kelly explained what he hoped consumers will get from his product.

“This is actually my product, and this is my food. I’m not just being the face of somebody else’s food line. My wife and I came up with the idea. We put our kids’ name on this product. We are going to make sure our food is made up of quality, flavor, and variety. People will definitely enjoy it. It will give them a little piece of down south. I want, whenever someone tastes the product, they truly appreciate the goodness,” said Kelly.

The 13-year NFL veteran hopes to leave Kyvan to his children and start a family legacy.

If anyone would like more information on Kyvan, check out or follow Reggie Kelly on Twitter: @ReggieKelly82.

Reggie Kelly’s Fan Club on Facebook is also located here.


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3 Comments on “Reggie Kelly Aims To Start A Legacy”

  1. Twanda Tate Says:

    I have met Reggie & his wife. The salsa is very good. I purchased a case of the salsa to share with my family & friends.


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