Consumer Corner – December 26, 2011

December 26, 2011

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Mo & No-Mo

The Pig Out BBQ House

OBSERVATION: The stores seemed to be filled with shoppers as we get closer and closer to Christmas. It’s exciting to see that our economy seems to be bouncing back a little and we, as a community, seem to be able to celebrate a little more freely this year.

OBSERVATION: Our streets are filled with cars this time of year. We have the, “Let’s take the car out for its once-a-year walk” drivers, and then we have the “Get out of my way, because I need to get where I’m going RIGHT NOW!” drivers. Between the 2 different styles of driving, this makes our roads extremely dangerous when you add the in-climate weather. Please be extra cautious when you are out and put your cell phones down, turn your radios low and give your full attention to the roads and the traffic.

This week we are so excited to introduce a local eatery to you that is relatively new but is under advertised — The Pig Out BBQ House.

As you walk in, the first thing you notice is how clean and neat the restaurant is. Then you are taken aback by the friendliness and warm, welcoming atmosphere. You are greeted with “Hello!” and “Welcome, come on in!” immediately, and they just continue to let you know you are welcome the entire time you are there.

The BBQ is beyond description. Moist, tender and falling-off-the-bone good. Their BBQ sauce is light with enough boldness to let you know it is there — but not overpowering. All of the side dishes are prepared with the same care that their meats are, so you are left with nothing less than perfection.

From pulled pork sandwiches so full of meat that you can’t pick it up to their smoked Boston butts, with sides, chicken and the best fried okra in town, you won’t regret your little trip to The Pig Out BBQ House on Alabama St. in East Columbus.

We want to take a moment to wish each and every one of our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Next week will be the first report of the new year, and we hope to bring you more truth and fairness in reporting what’s happening in Columbus.

If you have a local business or establishment you would like us to consider for review, please e-mail us at You will get our honest opinion of the business, our personal customer satisfaction, and the services offered. We strive for fair, unbiased reports…so we hope to hear from you!

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