BREAKING: And the new Chief of Police for Columbus, MS is…

December 12, 2011

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Interim Chief Selvain McQueen, who was voted in 4 to 2.  Charlie Box and Bill Gavin voted against it.  More on this story later.

Joseph St. John

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7 Comments on “BREAKING: And the new Chief of Police for Columbus, MS is…”

  1. Jeff Conwill Says:

    imagine that !! well let the law suits fly and the 6.0 vote tells the whole story in its self !! why did they not just hire him and save all the money ? well lets get ready for the puppet show to get started . ill take a large popcorn extra butter and a large drink and a hotdog too extra messy .


    • The Real Story Says:

      Apologies from The Real Story. The vote was actually 4-2. Initially it was posted on here that the vote was 6-0, but Box and Gavin voted against it.


    • readaboutit2 Says:

      yes…puppet show indeed! Wake up, Columbus and come voting time…STEP UP!!!!Get your city council back in the residents hands…not the few who are on the council!!


  2. east columbus john Says:

    Just as we thoufht it wood be, Here come more crime,


  3. larry Says:

    I am shocked !!! I just knew the good guy would win. I never DREAMED it would be Mcqueen. I am sure the people of Columbus are just as SHOCKED as I was. No one I spoke to thought this would happen. I just came out of my BOX and could not believe what I read. Will there be a recount on the vote. I am sure it must be a bad dream. I know I will awake in the morning and it will be OK.


  4. Jeff Conwill Says:

    the whole chief search was a joke from the door. shame that the other men who came from all over for this job opp wasted there time and money someone should have told them the truth there never was a job opening it was filled long ago


  5. Harley Says:

    This is an utter disgrace. I cannot think of anything more disgusting than what you the so called leaders of this city have done. I truly hope that all of you are voted out of office. This process should have been scraped from day one. The respect that has now been lost for the police department will be hard to overcome. Those that are thinking of living in this city should think twice.


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