Football 101 For The Ladies: Terms

November 23, 2011

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Last Tuesday, I discussed the positions on a football team. This week I will discuss some of the sayings that the ladies might hear their significant other say during the course of their man watching the game.


Scramble: This refers to what quarterbacks do when the play is a designed pass play. Your significant other might complain that the quarterback needs to scramble out of the pocket more and stop being a statue.

Pancake: This what an offensive linemen does when he knocks a defender down to the ground. I’m guessing the term comes from the food “pancake”, because this is what the defenders look like when an offensive lineman knocks one down.

“Mossing”: This is a term that most don’t know, including some males. It’s a word that describes a player jumping up over another and catching the ball. It was named after Randy Moss, who was famous for jumping up over people and catching the ball.

The Pocket: This is a term that applies to the quarterback. The pocket is from tackle to tackle. Most feel that quarterbacks should stay in this area. Your significant other will complain, “He needs to stay inside the pocket!” or “This guy needs to learn how to get out of the pocket!!” [see Scramble]

Play Action: I was going to include this in my Plays installment of this series, but I decided to add it to my Terms feature. A play action is when the offense fakes a run and then throws the ball.

Ineligible Receiver Downfield: I was going to add this in the Rules installment, but I got a special request on this one. There are only six eligible players that can catch the ball — including the quarterback. The quarterback normally is the one throwing, unless it’s a trick or “gadget” play. If one of the other five players is past the neutral zone when the ball is thrown, they are ineligible and a penalty is called (5 yards). [sic:  an editor added the Wikipedia entries to this article. Hello! I’m also a football fanatic, but that’s really the same thing as being called a “football geek”.  We’ve all been called worse..] : P


Sack: This is when a defensive player tackles the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage. Most defensive players stay up at night dreaming about sacking the quarterback.

Interception: This is when a defensive player catches the ball thrown by the quarterback. If your significant other watches the Cowboys, you will hear him complain that Tony Romo needs to stop throwing so many interceptions in the fourth quarter.

Fumble: This is when a defensive player separates the ball from the guy carrying it. You might hear the significant other complain that the starting running back needs to secure or hold onto the football.

The Box: This is a term describing the area from offensive tackle to offensive tackle, but on the defensive side of things. There are normally seven players in the Box, but sometimes there are eight or nine players in the box. Tell the significant other that the defense needs to stack the box versus the run game, and that could commence an immediate investigation into just who exactly taught you that.

Stuffing the Run: This a term people use when the defense is stopping the offense from running the ball.

There are a plethora of other definitions and slang terms that are involved when it comes to the intimate knowledge of the game of football.  If you would sincerely like to learn more, there is a handy, alphabetical reference located at Wikipedia here.  I could go on and on; you may also see more references here.  I hope this helps out the ladies that neither understand nor care to increase their knowledge of the game of football, so they at least know what on earth their significant other is screaming about while getting drunk or acting a fool, when they are watching the game with their friends.

Until next time..


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One Comment on “Football 101 For The Ladies: Terms”

  1. Twanda Tate Says:

    Hi Nephew,
    Thank you very much for the Football 101 because I don’t know anything about football. This is very helpful for me. Thanks again!! Love you!!


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