Monday Morning Water Cooler Talk For November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving week to everyone. As we approach the holiday season, it is important to take the time to truly be thankful. In a world where we all look at the negative elements in life and get caught up in what is fair or unfair, it is equally important for everyone to take the time to be thankful!

This is a wonderful time of the year to take time to reflect on all the good we have in our lives. Our families, loved ones and friends should take center focus during this special time. Not just with gifts, food or football, but with the most special gift we can give anyone, time.

Take the time to visit a friend you have not seen for years. Take a moment to call a special friend who needs a call because they are alone. Say you are sorry to someone, even if you think that person is also culpable of any misunderstanding the both of you may have.

Thanksgiving is that kind of healing time. It is a time for completion and peace and getting ready for a New Year. It is a time to start relationships fresh and renew them.

In a world where Christmas starts before Halloween, and Black Friday is given more coverage than Thanksgiving, it is important not to get lost in the hoopla. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and being thankful for all you have and yes, what you don’t have.

No one has everything they want. And, honestly, that kind of excess would not be healthy. Without suffering there is no living. The only way to avoid failure is to avoid success. The only way not to fail is to not to try — and that is never acceptable.

So, as you get ready for Thanksgiving, stay focused on what matters. Your family, loved ones and friends are important; neither the hustle nor the bustle are important.

Take the time to be thankful this week.

We will rant and rave next week. May peace be with everyone.


A/K/A Mr. MoJo Rising

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4 Comments on “Monday Morning Water Cooler Talk For November 21, 2011”

  1. Chuck Baker Says:

    Great thoughts. Especially the note about being thankful for things we don’t have …some wishes, in retrospect, were better off non-fulfilled.

    Happy Thanksgiving week!


  2. Chuck Baker Says:

    By the way Joe … I found something cool in Orange Beach for you … a twice monthly publication named The Millet Wrapper. I have not read all the way through it yet, but I thought you’d love the satirical name :) will have that for you next week when I return


  3. Chuck Baker Says:

    Yes, that is correct. Spelling is sometimes a casualty when typing on a small screen device :)


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