Football 101 For the Ladies: Positions


I’ve always heard my guy friends talk about how the wife or girlfriend has to leave the room when the games come on. So, I thought it might be fun to give the ladies some terms that would help them understand what their boyfriend or husband is talking about while they are watching the game. The first in this series that I will do the next couple of Tuesdays is Positions.

Offensive Positions

Quarterback– a/k/a the Field General, this is the guy that throws the ball and will normally be the one your husband or boyfriend will curse at the most. If you hear, “Dump the pass!”, “Stop holding the ball!”, or “Throw the ball away!”, this is who he is talking about.  Typically, the Quarterback wears a numbers between 1 and 19.

Running Back– The running back is the player that runs the ball after the quarterback hands it off to him. Your significant other will normally complain that he needs to hold onto ball, hit the hole, or needs to be tougher.  RBs normally wear the numbers 20-49.

Fullback– The fullback blocks for the running back and normally doesn’t get to carry the ball as much, except on short yardage situations and close to the goal line.  Like RBs, FBs also usually wear a number in the 20-49 range.

H-Back– This could really help your football knowledge knowing this position. The H-Back is Tight End/Fullback. They can be used as blockers or go out and catch the ball. Explain this position to your significant other and he will actually let you in the room when he is watching the game.  Tight Ends can wear a few ranges of numbers:  10-19, 80-89, or 40-49 if those ranges are taken.

Wide Receiver– The wide receivers are normally the biggest personalities on the field. They are normally slender in frame and vary in height, hovering around 6’1″. These guys are the ones that quarterback is normally throwing to. You will often hear your significant other say, “Catch the ball!”, “He needs to shut up..”, or “Go up and get the ball!”. WR uniforms are in these ranges of numbers: 10-19, 80-89, or 40-49 if those numbers are taken.

Tackle– There are two Tackles and they are offensive linemen. Tackles must keep people from sacking the quarterback. Your significant other will normally complain that he needs to block somebody for a change.  Their numbers usually fall between 60-79.

Guard– There are two Guards who normally asked to help the most in the running game. They get the same treatment from your significant other as the tackles do.  Guards, as well as tackles, are on the Offensive Line and wear the same numbers (60-79).

Center– There is only one Center and they control everything on the offensive line. They tell everyone else what to do before the play happens. They sometimes are the least talented, but quite often are the most important player on the offensive line, because they have to snap the ball to the Quarterback, all the while keeping their eyes on the defensive line, especially the big Nose Guard lined up in front of him that he will have to block as soon as he hikes the ball to the quarterback.  It is a position of skill; if you are good at this position, you can also have job security in football.  Centers wear the numbers 50-59.

Defensive Positions

Defensive End– The Defensive End is normally big, tall and has pretty good speed. They help out stopping the run but they normally are trying to sack, or rush, the quarterback. Your significant other will normally complain that they need to get to the ball in the backfield faster. DEs are usually sporting jerseys in the ranges between 60-79 and 90-99.

Defensive Tackle– The Defensive Tackle is normally 300 pounds and is asked to stop the running back from coming up the middle. Your significant other will frequently say that they need to get more push on the line.  DTs are on the Defensive Line as well as Ends, so they will be wearing the numbers 60-79 and 90-99.

Linebacker– There can be three to four Linebackers, depending on what type of scheme a defense runs. They normally are 230 pounds or over. They are asked to mainly stop the run and help in stopping the short passes. Your significant other will normally complain that they need to step up in the hole, be more aggressive, or wrap the guy up–tackling fundamentals that seem to have been lost somewhere along the way in today’s game. Linebackers wear the same numbers as Centers and Defensive Linemen (50-59, 90-99).

Cornerback– The Cornerback is normally around 190 pounds. They have pretty good speed and are some of biggest smack talkers on the defense. If you hear the significant other say that he needs to learn how to tackle, or he can’t cover my 10-year-old, or he needs to make a play on the ball, that’s who he is talking about.  Another good one can be overheard when they drop an interception:  “That’s why you play defense!”  Cornerbacks are Defensive Backs and wear numbers on their jerseys between 20 and 49. Some are known to wear the same numbers as Quarterbacks; for example, Fred Smoot, who wore #2 at Mississippi State University.

Safety– The Safety is normally 200 pounds and over. They normally help out in the run and passing game. You will normally hear the significant other say the same things about them as the Cornerbacks.  Unless they are sent in to blitz, they can spy the quarterback and also help prevent the quarterback from completing the long pass.  Safeties are also considered Defensive Backs and wear the same numbers:  20-49.

Special Teams

Kicker– The Kicker is the player who is part of the team by default really. They kick the ball off and kick the field goals. You will hear your significant other hurl several expletives when he misses a kick or does anything wrong in the slightest.  Numbers:  1-19

Punter– They come in and punt the ball when the Defense stops the offense. You will normally hear the significant other complain about them dropping a snap from the Long Snapper, shanking a punt, or when he outkicks the coverage.  Punters, like kickers, wear low numbers as well as the Quarterbacks, typically in the 1-19 range.

Returner– They return kicks and punts. They normally are running backs, receivers, or cornerbacks. The only time the significant other will complain is when they need to hold onto the ball and can get really mad if they fumble it!

I hope this helps the ladies in their knowledge of the sport of football.  Guys, don’t be too mad at me for messing up your game time.  Sometimes the ladies need a little bit of help and just want to spend more time with their significant others.  There are many women that will look at this and laugh, as they are very adept in their knowledge of the game already.. so please do not take offense either, ladies!

Look out for Football 101 For The Ladies:  Football Terms next week.


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7 Comments on “Football 101 For the Ladies: Positions”

  1. in the know Says:

    This is very insulting to a lot of women who follow high school and college football. Looks like more women know a lot more about the game than you do. Not a way to attract the female reader if you ask me, a woman who actually follows the game.


  2. Frank Scott Says:

    That’s a big problem with society today. Paranoia. Uptight, panicky, easily-offended Americans who get angry over something like this.

    From the article:

    “There are many women that will look at this and laugh, as they are very adept in their knowledge of the game already.. so please do not take offense either, ladies!”

    Guess you didn’t read the disclaimer there. This was an entertaining read, and an informative article for those with a spine who aren’t offended the first chance they get. Sounds like you need to move out of the sticks and be a little sophisticated when it comes to badmouthing entertainment. Are you one of those people that posts about politics under youtube videos? Move right along. #SLAPINTHEBEHIND

    F. Scott


  3. Snow Says:

    Quite interesting to read. I have been listening to sports and am an avid ESPN radio listener, so I know I good bit about football. I will say at first glance, I was like.. “okie dokie then” lol but after reading, I realized there are some things I didn’t know. I didn’t know the number scheme, and this article helps. In your next one, if you would, I’d like for you to include some terms that involve the field. Terms like back field. Also, what does it mean when you have an ineligible player down field. I’m assuming only certain players are allowed to catch the ball???? Thanks J!


  4. infination Says:

    My wife is from Florida, and she knows football very, very well. Great article, Jeremiah!


  5. Popacork Says:

    I quit reading after quarterback and left the room. I learned everything I needed to know from Pep Club in high school, i.e. 1st and 10 do it again; push ’em back push ’em back, way back; Defense;
    hold that line; and block that kick. But thanks for trying!


  6. Peg Says:

    Lighten up ” In The Know “. I too am a female football fanatic and my first reaction was what a fun article to read. You never know what you might pick up new from something. Besides, we women all know in the end its our wisdom that gives these guys the illusion to think they are teaching us about football. LOL. Enjoyed reading the article. Thanks.


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