The Lowndes County Elections: A Night of No Surprises

The November 8, 2011 elections ended with no surprises. The County residents have spoken, and it appears that they are satisfied with the way things are running.  Any changes needed in their local government ended with Frank Ferguson’s defeat in the District 2 Supervisor’s primary.

Even newcomers A. Pritchard Kizer, County Prosecuting Attorney and Mike Arledge, Sheriff, winners by a large margin, were endorsed by their predecessor.  It was also no surprise that the Superintendent Of Education was won by Lynn Wright.

Both political juggernauts Supervisors Harry Sanders and Leroy Brooks, however, acknowledged they were glad the long process was over and that the election was finished.  For most of the night Leroy Brooks was losing, but the night ended with him having over 50% of the votes in District 5.

Harry Sanders stated, “The process lasts from January until now, and that is too long.” When asked if that interfered with the day-to-day business of the County, Harry stated candidly, “Yes, it makes it hard when you have to make sure you do not step on others’ toes, and you have to spend a large amount of energy to assure political correctness.”

Final results can be found here:  Click on “Election Results” in the center of the page.

A complete analysis of the entire State election results will follow soon, including the defeat of Proposition 26 in Mississippi.


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3 Comments on “The Lowndes County Elections: A Night of No Surprises”

  1. KG Says:

    Official Final Results have not been posted. Click here for the cumulative results:


  2. Jeff Conwill Says:

    great job mike arledge will be glad to see new ideas for the sheriffs department about time there were changes made


  3. john weathers Says:

    I was really surprised by the results in District 5. Leroy Brooks in the primary won by 70%. That was expected since the district’s populaltion is about 70% black, and apparently Democrats. It’s apparent to me that the voters of District 5, regardless of race, aren’t that happy with his hateful and negative remarks. I hope its a wake up call for him as well as Harry Sanders/


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