Should Alabama and LSU Play for the National Championship?

November 8, 2011

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LSU vs. Alabama

LSU vs. Alabama

The LSU versus Alabama game in Tuscaloosa was one of the most hyped games in recent memory. Some, including myself, regarded this game as the real National Championship–others a glorified college Superbowl. The winner for sure was in the driver seat to make it to and win the NCAA National Championship. The game pitted number one LSU against number two Alabama which was the first time two SEC teams faced off in this kind of heavyweight matchup during the regular season.

Everyone was wondering if the game would live up to the hype, because they rarely do. Well this was one of those times that it did, as LSU defeated Alabama 9-6 in a game that went into overtime.  The game had everything:  big hits, big plays, and gutsy decisions by Head Coaches Nick Saban and Les Miles. The game has left me and others watching nationwide wanting more.  The debate instantly began:  Would we see this matchup again?  I began to wonder myself.  Should they play again in the BCS for the National Title?

The scenario is more plausible than most would think, especially with Alabama only falling one spot in the BCS standings, third behind only Oklahoma State.  There are some things that would need to happen for these two teams to face off–namely Oklahoma State losing, for one.  They still could feasibly lose as Oklahoma State still has to face Oklahoma and Texas Tech.  If Oklahoma State loses, then the first hurdle is out-of-the-way; the only thing that would have to happen next would be LSU and Alabama both running the table. The only problem is that they play in the SEC… There is a reason that this was the first time two SEC teams faced off as number one and two in the nation.

LSU still has to face Arkansas and play in the SEC Championship game.  Alabama has to play upset-minded Mississippi State at home and play Auburn in an always tough Iron Bowl. Their task to play each other is, as we all can see, easier said than done.

Now I know there will be some detractors who will cry foul and say that this game should not happen for a number of reasons.  One of the main ones will be that Boise State and Stanford, the BCS number four team, may well go undefeated and want their shot at the title. They would have a valid claim, but who would everyone rather see in the national title game:  an undefeated Boise State, Stanford, or a one loss Alabama who only lost to the #1 Tigers?.  Some may even say that this would set a terrible precedent.  The SEC has already dominated college football the past five years, winning the last five national title games. This would only further enhance their dominance, especially as they will get stronger in the near future.  The SEC is expanding to fourteen teams, adding Texas A&M to the West and Missouri to the East.

The only solace for the people who don’t want to see this rematch is the fact that the SEC will add the two teams I mentioned above. This will bring the SEC more money–it will–and ESPN commentator David Pollack said that the SEC will start to cannibalize itself.  It was already difficult to make it out of a full SEC season; now it will be nearly impossible with two more strong teams added to the mix.  This could, as a by-product, hurt the SEC’s chances of appearing in the National Championship game on a regular basis. So, even if LSU and Alabama face off, it may be the first and last time such a meeting takes place.

One thing is for sure; these are the best two teams in the country.  I think this should provide even more excitement as everyone will be watching to see if Oklahoma State or Stanford loses and if LSU and Alabama can run the table. I’ve always been a proponent of the BCS, and the excitement scenarios this generates is why I think the system is the best way to go for college football.   I’m afraid the best we’ll ever see is a +1 playoff, if that.

Do you think that LSU and Alabama should face off again?  Give me your thoughts!


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