A Note Before You Vote

November 8, 2011

Columbus, MS, News, Politics, Polls

As mentioned in yesterday’s column, it is very important that you vote today. We have to have an educated voter block to ensure we are governed accordingly.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way and are making sure that they try to keep the masses in the dark.

One such political flyer was mailed to many individuals in our community. It is so over the top that no one reading it can be sure what the unknown sender is trying to accomplish, since it race baits both sides. As hard as it may be to believe, it seems like an attack on a certain Democrat; however, after reading it, anyone could see how it could be used as a tool to race bait on either side.

The mailing included an article written a few weeks ago by Ron Williams of The Columbus Packet and was later retracted by the author. Unfortunately, the retraction is not mentioned, just the article, which is extremely unfair to Mr. Williams and the community.  He made the retraction. Period. End of story.

The flyer also includes an insert that may be over a decade old, advising African-Americans that whites are expecting them not to vote. It is so inflammatory that any intelligent person could see it for the race baiting that it is.

It’s 2011, and it is time for America, Mississippi and Lowndes County to realize that voting on race lines is thinking like a Neanderthal at the lowest level. Voting by race is dangerous, so be careful. The person who seems like they may only care about one particular race and not the community as a whole probably only cares about one thing:  themselves.  And, take heed!  Do not be mislead.  Those tracks on your back are their shoe prints running you over with lies as they assert, “Trust me! I look just like you!”

Joseph B. St. John

Note:  Political ads with no names equal political ads with no guts!  The Real Story arrived to the game late, but the dirty politics was easily noticed and spotted!  We have only been here for three weeks, but we are aware of what is happening in this heated political climate.  Be alert; don’t be conned by this kind of political scheming!

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One Comment on “A Note Before You Vote”

  1. Dick Mahoney Says:

    Well said! There is too much division in this community and in the country, some of it understandable. However, it will take people coming together with honest dialogue to solve these issues.


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