Exactly What is a RANT?

Given that our host, The Real Story, has kindly provided the section “RANT” as a forum to express our thoughts and ideas about Columbus, a few questions come to mind.

What exactly does the word RANT mean?

One definition of the word is –  Rant (verb): To speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way.  This impassioned speech can have either a positive or negative connotation, but I think most of us would relate this type of expression to some form of injustice in our world.

What does a RANT do for us?

Given the passion with which a RANT is normally presented, it serves as a release mechanism for the stress or frustration caused by one or more actions or situations.

Does going on a RANT do anything to remedy the perceived cause of the stress?

Not really; it simply allows us to blow off a little steam which lets us endure the stressor a little longer.

Then how do we resolve the stressor and eliminate the need for repetitive RANTS on the same subject?

Now we’re getting somewhere!!!

The only way we can resolve any issue is to find the person or people who have both the ability and the desire to resolve the situation.

Let’s take, for example, a common theme for letters to the editor in nearly every city’s local news publication.  Wasteful resource management is rampant in the areas of spending, labor and other assets or tools.  Just today in The Real Story, someone commented about the assignment of two men to a one man job, leaving one of them idle while the other one worked.

We can share stories like that with each other all day long, but in the end, none of us will be the person who can fix the problem.  So what should we do?

In the above example where two people were assigned to a one person job, there are two groups who can truly do something about such a problem; one of those groups are the city or county employees and their managers.  The other group is the elected officials including the Mayor, City Council, Board of Supervisors, Sheriff and et cetera.

Many of the people in these two groups may be conscientious and hard working people, while others of them may not be.  As a citizen, we can have very little direct influence over the employees of the city/county, and over the elected officials, we generally have to wait until the next election to ultimately express our approval or disapproval with our votes.

So just how can we affect change?  The answer:  WE must make ourselves part of the solution.  Armed with the portability of our communications tools, each of us can notify the appropriate elected official(s) whenever we see something that needs correction.  Put the numbers for the following officials in your phone:

Mayor’s Office

City Council Member for your Ward

Your County Supervisor

Department manager for areas such as public works, law enforcement, and others if you see frequent issues there.  In Columbus, you can call the Action Center and they will route you to the right department.

See the following websites for some of that contact information:



The officials who truly see themselves as humble public servants will do their best to resolve an issue for you.

Those that are in office simply for the glory or for personal gain may eventually do something just to put an end to the phone calls.

Just think, if only 10% of the population called to request a change or correction, it could be as many as 2,500 or more calls in a day.  That will get someone’s attention.

That, my friends, is what each of us can do today, and every day when we see a wrong it must be righted.

In time, as we learn how to train our public officials to better serve us as a community, maybe we can consider changing the name of the forum “RANT” to something like “Community Conversation”.



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